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Shiloh's Bridgerton Buzz - 7/6/2024

Updated: 8 hours ago

Saturday - 7/6/24

Hello Puppy Families. Welcome to the blog that brings the journey your puppy is going to experience in the first 8 weeks of their little lives. This is my way of sharing in the fun with families who are just as excited about these babies as I am. Plus I can share pertinent information in a public format to give as much information to you all in hopes that you will feel totally prepared for your new little one when it's time to bring him/her home. Shiloh went into labor late afternoon and started having puppies at 7pm. Finishing at 1:10am. She has 8 beautiful puppies. 3 males and 5 females. Follow along for the daily happenings of this litter.

Day 1 - Sunday - 7/7/24

Hello Puppy Families. This is Shiloh's first litter and she is a wonderful mother. Shiloh is careful to not step on the babies, feeds and cleans them in such a gentle manner. At weigh in today, the puppies all have gained weight, which is exactly what we are looking for. I will be weighing them daily for the first 14 days...then I'll go to weekly. I have to coax her to leave them to go outside to potty. I also bring her water bowl into the whelping box for her to drink and place her food bowl in front of her so she can eat while laying down nursing the puppies. I am still undecided on the Theme of the litter. My initial thought was to do the Brady Bunch. Then a puppy family suggested Downton Abbey. I loved that show and we could come up with some creative names using this theme. Also in the running is naming them after the Bridgerton Cast. I'll settle on a theme within the next day or so. There is availability in this litter, so if you know of anyone who may want a sibling to your puppy, please forward my website and phone number. I offer a $250 Referral fee once the purchase is complete. I also offer $500 off the second puppy if you'd like to purchase 2. Hope you enjoy the blog, helping you stay connected to your baby, while they are still in my care. If I discuss topics that trigger questions, feel free to contact me directly. Sometimes, it's a way for me to address a question that others may have as well. Sleep well, knowing that I am sleeping 2' from momma and the babies for the next 4 weeks, to make sure that they stay safe and healthy. Good Night Puppy Families.

Day 2 - Monday - 7/8/24

Hello Puppy Families. Your little ones are doing really well. They are all gaining, finding their way to the Milk Bar all on their own, and I'm happy to announce, Shiloh's milk has come in. You can see them gulping once her milk comes down. It's the sweetest thing ever! I was up and down about every 2 hours last night. Ether adjusting babies and moving them closer to Shiloh, taking Shiloh out to potty, or soothing Shiloh. This is a lot for a new mother, and sometimes they get a little nervous, and frantic around the babies, trying to move them with their nose, checking on them, etc. I gave her some calcium, placed her water bowl in front of her and made sure she was getting enough to drink, took her temperature, and a few minutes later she settled down. Tomorrow I will be removing their dew claws. Some have them on all 4 feet, others only have them on their front feet. It's a job I dislike, but love the fact that they are gone, will never get caught on anything and tear as an adult. Plus, trimming the dew claws can be tricky, and it will be a non issue for you. Time to check on the kids one last time and then a little relaxation is in order. Sleep well, and we will chat again tomorrow. Night...

Day 3 - Tuesday - 7/9/24

Good morning Puppy Families. We finally settled on a theme for this litter. We were deciding between Downton Abbey and Bridgerton. Bridgerton Theme won.

The puppies names will be:

Male - Tri Color - Benedict

Male - Tri Merle - Colin

Male - Tri Merle - Anthony

Female - Red Tuxedo - Penelope

Female - Red Tuxedo - Daphne

Female - Tri Color - Kate

Female - Tri Merle - Eloise

Female - Tri Merle - Francesca

The puppies had another good night. I was up twice in the night and woke at 5:45am. They had their dew claws removed this morning. They are all doing well. I'll watch them closely today to make sure they settle nicely and continue to latch on to nurse. Typically, there is no issue. You'd think the momma would pay particular attention to the wound, but they pretty much ignore that area. I'm going to get some photos today and will be posting on IG. If you are on the wait list or would like any of the pictures text to you individually, let me know. Enjoy your day. Will check in with you later this evening.

9:00pm Puppies are doing great after their dew claw removal. They had a mini photoshoot today. It is also Day 3 and their ENS Training typically starts now. I'm going to delay one day, because they've had enough activity for one day. Tomorrow will be the first day for their exposure. Momma Shiloh is doing fabulously! She happily jumps around as if to say hi, when it's time to go out to potty and then promptly wants back in with the babies. She has already started sitting for part of their feedings. I've heard it's because they are too warm, which cannot be helped. Babies need to be in an environment that is 79-80 degrees for the first 3 weeks. Not hard to accomplish with this heat wave, but Shiloh and I are a little toasty in the room with the babies. Sleep well Puppy Families. I'm watching over your puppies and in my protective mode. Night...

Day 4 - Wednesday - 7/10/24

Hello Puppy Families. Shiloh/Levi puppies are doing really well. They seem so small, since I've got Lexi's litter in the next room, and they are 6 weeks old. The puppies are nursing well, gaining weight, and started their ENS Training today. Their scent was cheese. They noticed, but didn't react much. I was able to get some good photos yesterday and have posted on IG. Please spread the word...these puppies are so fun to watch grow! Funny, how puppies, even at this young age, love to sleep under the protective pig rails. These 'Littles' aren't even a week old, and they tuck themselves in there routinely. If you have any individual questions as you prepare for your new baby, feel free to text anytime. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Darla 760-505-9309. Momma Darla is one tired cookie. Time for a little shut eye. Night everyone! Zzzzzz...

Day 5 - Thursday - 7/11/24

Hello Puppy Families. The babies are doing great! All are gaining and have fat, rolly polly tummies. They all find momma easily and take turns eating. Sometimes, I think they all need to eat, then it dawned on me, if they eat in shifts, they all find a ninny baba more easily and will possibly sleep through the next feeding. Their scent for their ENS Training was cinnamon. I will explain exactly what I do when I refer to the ENS training tomorrow. It's funny...and I think I mentioned this the other day...a couple of them LOVE sleeping under the pig rails. I'll go in and do a head count, for the umpteenth time, and have to hunt for one or two of them, because they are so small and are tucked under the rails. Time for me to get a little shut eye. I actually got 6 hours last night...which was needed and more than the night before of 3.5 hours. Now that isn't all because I'm tending to puppies in the night. I was worried about a client/friend of mine and couldn't get her situation off my mind. Hence being awake for 2.5 hours in the middle of the night.'s to a good night sleep for you and me both. Night...

Day 6 - Friday - 7/12/24

Hello Puppy Families! Babies are doing fabulously!!! Strong and lively bunch! These puppies are solid! One puppy was caught behind Shiloh, and the puppy was struggling to get out. She or he wasn't being squished, just kind of stuck. You should have seen the strength behind this puppies wiggles and cries to get out from behind her. Funny...momma's are sometimes concerned when their puppies are crying. Especially when the momma is taking a potty break. But when they are in the whelping box with the babies, and one is crying, they are sometimes oblivious! Like they don't even notice the screaming. Maybe nature handles things this way, so as to keep the mom calm. Well, lets just say, Shiloh is calm as a cucumber. Cracks me up!!! Their ENS scent was banana today. Early Neurological Stimulation was developed by the military, with the premise that giving the puppies these sensations to smell, feel and sense varied stimuli, creates smarter dogs in the long run. The puppies cannot see nor hear right now. Their eyes and ears open around 11-14 days. So, while they aren't using these two senses, the other sensed can engage and trigger the mind to process the interaction. I hold the puppies, calm them...then hold them upright, on their back and upside down...each position for 3 seconds. Then I fiddle with their feet, ears, mouth to get them used to being handled in this way. I also lay them on a cool surface for 3 seconds, so they can process the difference in temperature. I will put them up to my face, let them smell my breath and have them breathe into my ear. This is my way of listening to their lungs and making sure their breathing still sounds clear. This process takes only a couple minutes, but you can literally see their nostrils smelling and their body language, tells me that they are thinking about the stimuli. It's fascinating really!!! Oh... forgot to mention that I've added the puppies to the puppy page on my website, which includes details for the puppies that are available, pricing and go home date of August 31, 2024. Hope you had a good week and have something fun to look forward to this weekend. Sleep well!!! Night.

Day 7 - Saturday - 7/13/24

Hello Puppy Families. The little wee ones are one week old today & thriving. Strong and good little eaters. Shiloh is an excellent mother. She is now wanting to come out into the living area for short periods. (Initially, momma doesn't want to leave her puppies at all!!) Babies are sleeping in a puppy pile, but when it gets warmer during the day, they will sometimes spread out. There are a few that have figured out that sleeping under the pig rails is a cozy place to be. A couple friends of mine came to visit the puppies today. Was their first interaction with people, being held and they did great. Actually, they all slept the majority of the time. Their eyes and ears are still closed. Their ENS training included the scent tangelos today. Not much else going on...Will chat again tomorrow. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 760-505-9309. Sleep well...Night

Day 8 - Sunday - 7/14/24

Hello Puppy Families. The babies are doing great! They had incredible weight gains yesterday. 3 puppies pretty much stayed the same today (weighed them at 7pm). We like to see consistent gain, daily. I am watching to make sure all the puppies are latched on when Shiloh's milk lets down. I will weigh them again in the morning. Other than that, they are all strong and vigorous. So, it may be nothing, but it is something that puts me on high alert. I have to say, they have changed so much in 8 days. They are solid, round tummies and much more aware of their surroundings. They are even settling sooner when I pick them up, which I like to see. When their eyes open, they will know Shiloh as their mom. When they start eating kibble, they transfer some of the mommy figure to me. They see me coming and want yumminess! Their ENS scent was basil. They noticed the scent when I walked in the room. It is fairly strong. Some responded by moving in, others turned away. Both responses are acceptable. We don't prefer one over the other. I just want to engage their brain, and let it process something new. Nice chatting with you all again tonight. I love sharing with the families who are getting these babies. To everyone who reads the blog, we love your support. These puppies don't even realize how many people already love them. Hugs...Hope you get a good nights sleep. Monday is right around the corner! Night...

Day 9 - Monday - 7/15/24

Hello Puppy Families. Just wanted to let you know, the puppies are all doing fine. I weighed the puppies this morning at 9am and they all have gained. Some more than others. They are still eating and content. I'll write more later today.

10:00pm. I wanted to check in and let you know the babies are still doing well. I'm going to go weigh them again before I go to sleep...otherwise I will worry all night. And, looking at them, they are strong and vigorous, so that's a good sign. I will chat again with you early in the day tomorrow to let you know how these 'Littles' are doing. Sleep well...Good night.

Day 10 - Tuesday - 7/16/24

Hello Puppy Families. The babies are doing really well. Gaining weight and nursing vigorously. The female Tri puppy is turning out to be bigger than the rest. It's fun to watch them grow and at about 5-7 weeks old, we will see a trend and be able to figure out which puppies are going to be smaller and which will be bigger. Momma Shiloh had a full bath today. She was definitely in need. Their hormones create a shed, even in dogs that don't shed...and they sometimes get tangled. So, tomorrow we will have a good brushing session. She is such a sweet girl and has the best disposition. So does Levi. I'm expecting these puppies to be exceptional!!! I am still closely monitoring the temperature in the room. It needs to stay between 79-81 degrees. I have a clock with a thermometer, and I hit the button several times a day so it lights up and I can check the temperature. Nothing but the best for these 'Littles'. I'm watching for their eyes to start opening. You will initially see a small. reflective crack in the inner corner of the eye, as an indication that the eyes are starting to open. It usually happens between 11-14 days old. The fun part is trying to tell if any of them will have blue eyes. Fingers crossed. Hope you all had a wonderful day and get a good nights sleep. Night...

Day 11 - Wednesday - 7/17/24 -

Good evening Puppy Families! Babies are thriving!!! I saw a couple of them teetering on all 4's trying to walk. This is when things start happening rapidly. Their eyes should be starting to open tomorrow. I will definitely be checking. I'm still sleeping in the room with them and will continue to do so until they are at least 4 weeks old. Momma Shiloh had 1/2 a haircut today. She already feels like herself again. Tomorrow will be trimming her legs and tail. She is producing milk like crazy! Puppies are rolly polly! Watch for more news on a regular basis soon. For now I'll say good night. Sleep well, and my hope is that you ENJOY your day tomorrow. Night...

Day 12 - Thursday - 7/18/24

Hello Puppy Families. They babies are doing really well. I kept checking to see if their eyes were opening. I thought I wasn't going to be able to tell you that they were, but when I sat in there with them while Shiloh fed tonight...low and behold, a couple babies eyes are starting to open. YAY! It will be more obvious by morning. I saw a couple of them trying to stand on all fours. Wobbly...but trying. Things are progressing. Happy, happy, happy!!! Will chat with you tomorrow. Night...Hope you sleep well.

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