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Remi Oak Knoll Breeding Dam

Our Girls

Our female dogs listed here are current and upcoming breeders. They are health tested to stringent standards and only selected as potential mommas after meeting certain guedelines for temperament, health, coat type, and conformation. We strive to breed only the silky fleece, non-shedding, allergy friendly coat. We are proud and confident in our ability to provide our families top quality, wonderful Bernedoodles with fabulous temperaments and looks that draw attention wherever you go! Check out our female breeding dogs below. 

Doodle Mom

Oak Knoll Doodles



Bernese Mountain Dog

100% Genetically Clear thru Embark

including DM

EE, kyky, atat, BB, SS, mm

Lexi is a show-stoppingly beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog with an incredibly sweet and gentle personality. She adores her morning hugs, is a 'talker' when she wants something, and provides pure entertainment.  She has proven to be an exceptional Doodle Mom and foundation Mom to our keeper girls, Shiloh, Miyu and Sweet Pea and Murphy...the Stud Dog with amazing copper points. 

Size: 72 lbs.

Health: Genetically tested Clear through Embark, including DM.

Multigen Bernedoodle puppies

Oak Knoll Doodles



52.8% BMD - 47.2% Poodle

100% Genetically Clear thru Embark

kyky, atat, Ee, Bb, SS, mm, FF, -/-, 9/10

Sweet Freya is a tri color multigen Bernedoodle, embodying a perfect blend of intelligence, beauty, and loving temperament. We are thrilled to announce that she will be having her first litter with the handsome Murphy in the summer of 2025, pending successful health testing. Stay tuned and follow us at Oak Knoll Doodles on Instagram and Facebook for delightful updates.  Size 29-31 lbs.
Health: Genetically tested Clear through Embark. 
Bernadoodle puppies in Ramona, CA

Oak Knoll Doodles


100% Genetically Clear through Embark
kyky, atat, BB, Ee, Ssp, mm, Ff, +/-, 7/10 

Lovely Shiloh is an F1, Tri Color Bernedoodle, a fabulous combination of intelligence, has a calm nature and an all around loving temperament. She will come up to me and put her head on my shoulder wanting a hug. We are expecting her first litter, bred to our handsome boy Levi, in July 2024. To stay up to date on the happenings around here, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  

Size 42.5 lbs.

Health: Genetically tested Clear through Embark. 

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