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Our Team

Darla and her team, specialize in breeding Mini Bernedoodles and take great pride in producing dogs with excellent health, temperament and conformation. Our dogs are raised in a loving home environment and are well-socialized from an early age to ensure they are comfortable around people, other animals and in different environments. As a responsible breeder, we follow strict ethical and animal welfare standards. We conduct health tests and genetic screenings on all our dogs to ensure they are free of genetic disorders and produce litters that are healthy and free of defects. We are also here to provide ongoing support and advice to our puppy families and are committed to ensuring our dogs find the right homes where they thrive and are loved.


When expecting a litter, mama and her babies live in our bedroom for the first 10-21 days, so as to monitor them closely. Then they move to the living room, to acclimate to common household sounds and are introduced to smells, toys, and potty training at certain intervals. We provide ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation and use the BAB Curriculum to ensure our puppies have been socialized and are very comfortable with the world around them. And let's not forget our Professional Puppy Snugglers. Darla's grandchildren take this roll very seriously, and routinely come over to make sure they get their puppy love in! As you can tell, we are passionate about our fur babies and feel honored and blessed to be helping families enjoy the love, joy and companionship these babies bring, one puppy at a time!

Our mission is to responsibly and ethically breed healthy, happy, well-socialized doodles that become beloved family members and trusted companions. Committed to maintaining high standards, through diagnostic/DNA testing, gives our families peace of mind. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the betterment of the breed and enhance the lives of both our dogs and the families they bless. 

We live in San Diego County, California, on two acres, nestled in the rolling hills of Ramona, which is the ideal place to raise puppies and give them room to run and play. Come visit when picking up your puppy and enjoy some of what our beautiful city of San Diego has to offer. 

We are so privileged to do what we love, and to love what we do!

Meet the Team

Bernedoodle Tri Color

Darla Allen


Children and Bernedoodles


Professional Puppy Snuggler

Bernedoodle Rescue

Todd Allen

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