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Upcoming Litters

We, at Oak Knoll Doodles, take great care in planning our litters.  Genetics, health, color, size and temperament, all play a role in determining who we pair our females with.  Our priority is to produce high quality, cuddly, healthy, sound puppies.

Lexi our Bernese Mountain Dog Breeding female

Puppies due May 30, 2024

Levi our 19# Poodle Stud Dog / Proven
REPEAT BREEDING - Summer 2024!!!
These 2 beauties produced the most gorgeous litter of 7, F1 Mini Bernedoodle puppies on November 16, 2023. They Honeymooned March 28, 2024. Pregnancy Confirmed April 30, 2024. Due date May 30, 2024. Appx. adult weight ranging from 30-55 lbs. The parents are genetically tested and 100% Clear through Embark. (see DNA link above) Lexi is OFA Certified and Levi has his OFA Prelims.                    
Doodle puppies for Sale near me

Puppies due July 10, 2024


Levi our 19# Poodle Stud Dog / Proven


We are excited  the announce the pairing of Shiloh and Levi. These two beauties Honeymooned May 6-8, 2024. Puppies will be Micro/Mini F1B Bernedoodles. Due date July 10, 2024. Go Home date September 4, 2024. Parents are 100% Genetically Clear through Embark! Appx. adult weight 25-35 lbs. Coat color Traditional Tri, Tri Merle, Red/White Abstract, & the possibility of Parti's. Low to Non-shedding, wavy to curly coats. Go to our Past Litters page to see some pictures of Levi puppies. He's been consistently producing gorgeous puppies with amazing temperaments. Simply fill out our Puppy Interest Form or Call Darla directly at 760-505-9309 for more information. 

Wait List Open   

Red Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale
Red Tuxedo Bernedoodle puppies
Red Tuxedo ~ 35 lbs.
kyky, atat, BB, SS, mm, Ff, -/-
Repeat breeding scheduled to this gorgeous boy, Jagger,
when Ginger comes into heat, August 2024 +/-.

Ginger and Jagger will Honeymoon around August 2024. We cannot give an exact's all predicated on Ginger's heat cycle. We are expecting an ALL RED, RED/WHITE TUXEDO  F1b Bernedoodle Litter. Soooo Excited!!! Possibility of Christmas puppies! Ginger is Red with a 10/10 Intensity, (a Unicorn in the breeding world) paired with Jagger, an intense Red F2 Bernedoodle, are going to produce strikingly beautiful puppies! It doesn't get any better than this pairing! Watch IG for announcements regarding this breeding. Appx. adult weight ranging from  lbs. 35-40 lbs. The parents are genetically tested and 100% CLEAR! (see Ginger's DNA link above) Ginger's hip OFA Certification 'Good', & Jagger's hip OFA Certification "Good'. If you are as obsessed with Red and White Bernedoodles, as I am, get on the Wait List NOW, for best pick options.
                                                             WAIT LIST OPEN

Past Breeding

Lexi Bernese Mountain Dog


Lexi and Nash's gorgeous Bernadoodle litter of 7 have all found their forever homes. Super excited to see these puppies grow and become wonderful companions to our new Puppy Families.

Nash Stud Dog


Tri Color Bernadoodle puppies
Burmadoodle in California
Berniedoodle puppy
Doodles of Instagram
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