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Murphy Bernedoodle Stud



We Love Our Dogs and What We Do!

At Oak Knoll Doodles we LOVE our dogs and pride ourselves in the fact that they live in our home, as an integral part of our family. No kennel living here. They are well trained and sleep in our bedrooms. Daily life and their favorite part of the day is going for a walk or an outing in the car. Don't use the term "wanna go bye bye" if you're not planning on taking them somewhere. They love their outings and garner attention wherever they go!


We are dedicated to breeding only the best Bernedoodle puppies, the quality you deserve, and from genetically health tested clear lines. We are focused on breeding well-rounded companions who have been socialized from birth. The Badass Breeder curriculum is used to empower all our puppies and give them the best start in life. It is an honor and privilege to breed these beautiful dogs and provide families with their next best friend. 

Our Boys

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Our Girls

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