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Lexi's Daily Diary - Litter 11/16/2023

Updated: Jan 14

This is Darla. Owner of Oak Knoll Doodles the momma, grandma, guardian and protector of Lexi's litter of F1 Bernedoodles. The babies are 9 days old. I've been thinking of writing a daily accounting of their progress and sharing it with my Puppy Families and others who love watching puppies grow and develop. Wish I'd started at Day 1, but today is better than tomorrow.

Lexi had 7 beautiful puppies. Bred to Levi, my Tri Merle Mini Poodle, they had 3 Tri color puppies and 4 Tri Merle puppies. A big shout out to Sharon, my neighbor and dog lover, for helping me whelp the litter. She is a love and adores the dogs as much as I do. Truth be told, I think my dogs love her more than me. ;) Can't have too many people loving your dogs!!! Happy to say, the wait list is full, so I've had the pleasure of sharing this journey with families who hope to connect with one special puppy and take them home. I have started the wait list for Lexi's litter this summer. There is still availability on that list.

Ok, let me get you caught up. Day 1 & 2 is all about watching the puppies, making sure they are all nursing well, momma is resting, eating, being careful to not lay on the babies, cleaning them (mommas stimulation to their puppy parts is what triggers their being able to go to the bathroom), weighing them daily, keeping them warm with a heating pad and mini heater which has been on 24/7, change out their bedding every day, and of course my part...sleeping in the room with them, jumping out of bed 12-15 times a night to adjust babies, and make sure Lexi isn't laying on them, or move her off of them. They are little tiny pip squeaks and need lots of overseeing!!! The dew claws were removed the afternoon of Day 2. Sad job, I dislike doing it, but makes such a difference for the rest of their lives. They all did well, and are healing nicely!

Day 3 - Today I started the ENS exposure. They are offered a scent, lemon, and I note their reaction. Plus I handle them in different positions, touch their feet, ears, mouth, etc., to help them get accustomed to this type of interaction. Helps when it is time for them to start going to the groomers. Trimmed their little tiny toe nails today.

Day 4 thru 8 - I'll catch you up briefly. They were exposed to these scents: Cloves, oranges, cinnamon, banana, celery. Their reactions are noted on their Neonatal Care Chart. Each puppy has a special form to chart their individual progress. Day 8 I had to leave Lexi unattended for 2.5 hours to take Remi to be bred in Temecula. Boy was I a nervous wreck. Hoping Lexi would not lay on a puppy while I was away. My friend next door, Sharon, will come over and check on the babies if I need to run an errand, but she is out of town, visiting family. I got about 7 hours of sleep, interrupted about 4 times, but that's an improvement.

Day 9 - Last night I slept well again, Yay! Puppies are thriving! The puppies were exposed to the smell of maple syrup. So if your little guy doesn't leave you alone while eating pancakes, waffles, or french toast, you can blame it on me. HAHA

Day 10 - Puppies had a good night. I was up twice checking on the little ones. Never sure if a puppy is just being vocal, or if they are behind Momma and cannot find their way to the dinner table. Thank goodness for the rails in the whelping pen. I always do a head count when I walk into the room, and twice, I've counted 6 puppies (there are 7!) Upon further inspection, I found the puppy, behind Lexi's back, tucked in under the protective railing. Let me tell you...those rails are worth their weight in gold!!! Although, a couple of the puppies ( Noel and Kringle) are so big, that they barely fit under the rails any more. Haha...Gaining like champs!!! The scent was vanilla today. All had a positive response to it. And the ENS is going well...most are relaxed through the whole process. Physically: their little nose and muzzle are turning black. Soooo stinking cute!! Eyes and ears should be opening soon! Yay!!!

Day 11 - Puppies & Momma Lexi are doing great. Our ENS training involved the scent of Beef Bouillon. For most, their reaction was fairly neutral. A couple moved in closer, and one licked his chops. :) As I was going through the stimulation process, I saw a sparkle in Tinsels right eye. Low and behold, her eyes are starting to open. Wonder if any of the Merle's will have blue eyes. The babies are starting to tootle around the bed area. Not quite up on all 4 feet, but more than simply scooting around. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow... Night everyone!

Day 12 - Today was a busy one! Took Levi to Temecula to be bred, and rushed home, not wanting be away from Lexi and puppies long. They are still small and as careful as Lexi tries to be, she occasionally steps on them, lays on them and sometimes they get caught behind her. My job is to help her readjust positioning when she is hindering a puppy. Tonight while doing the ENS/scent (peanut butter) training, and weighing the puppies, I noticed the 3 tri merle girls haven't gained much over the last 2 days. Worried mother hen went into action! I ran to the store, bought calf liver, to make liver water. Amongst Breeders, we know that this potion works like magic in helping puppies to thrive. I gave each girl 4 drops of liver water and will do so every 2 hours throughout the night. Hopefully this will keep their energy up and their vigorous nursing will continue. Also, Angel and Pumpkin have opened their eyes. Yay! The ears start opening at the same time the eyes open, so I will start playing movies for the background sound/noise. Tonight the feature movie was 'Leo', a newly released, animated cartoon on Netflix. In the meantime, I am going to go lay down, (literally about 8 feet from the puppies), say a little prayer for their well being, and trust that all is well. Good night to my Puppy Families. Know that your puppy is in good hands.

Day 13 - Hello Puppy Families! Today was just as busy, with a trip to Temecula for Levi's 2nd breeding. Once home, I put my Breeder hat on and continued giving the puppies liver water and Puppy Support, (a blend of ingredients that help puppies thrive). Keeping the Neonatal Charts on each puppy, once again, proves to be extremely important. By weighing them every day, I was able to see that they were not gaining, like they had been. That was my indication to spring into action and give them added support. Happily, the extra effort, has enhanced the puppies well being and they are vigorously nursing again. :) Their audio stimulation was the beginning of the Downton Abbey Series. Surely they love period pieces, don't you think??? By the way, the ENS Training was put on hold. When puppies need added support, the minimal stressors that the training provides, by encouraging their minds to think and process the new stimulus, can sometimes be too much for them. Remembering, they are little and delicate creatures, it was obvious that I needed to adjust the program to fit their needs. Hope you're enjoying this informal accounting of your puppies journey. It is my pleasure to share it as it makes me feel like it's a family affair. Look forward to chatting with you all tomorrow. Night...

Day 14 - Nov. 30 Puppies had a good day! It's amazing how the liver water, Puppy Support powder and Electrolytes perked them up. Plus, while breeding Levi yesterday, I asked the ladies at the Reproductive Clinic if they had any suggestions. They went through a mental list of the things they do with their puppies, and one of their questions for me, was how warm are you keeping the room they are in. I proudly answered, 74 degrees, because that is something I monitor as well. They both suggested keeping the room at 78-80 degrees until they are 3 weeks old. I'm still learning...and grateful for their input!!! So, I'm just pretending I'm in Hawaii when I go to sleep at night, and envision a tropical paradise. Because, believe me, 78-80 is much warmer than I'd prefer. The puppies listened to Family Switch on Netflix. I was also noticing Figgy and Angel will sometimes fall asleep on their backs, just like the Berner's do. Taking after their momma! Also, they've been tucking themselves under the guard rails to sleep. I think it's a cozy place and they feel snuggled in. Although I will be taking the guard railing system out at about 3 weeks of age, because they will start getting themselves stuck in there once they are too big. Talking about size, Kringle and Noel are the biggest in the litter. Most of the puppies eyes are open. The rest should be completely open by tomorrow. The merles could possibly have some blue in their eyes, but it is too hard to tell yet. FYI: I'll be taking some pictures of the babies this weekend. Watch for a new post on Instagram. Kindly send me a text if you'd like them sent to you individually, please. Good night...sleep well.

Day 15 - Dec. 1 Hi Everyone! Puppies had a great day! Trimmed toe nails and resumed ENS Training. Scent was coffee. They aren't up on all fours, walking, but almost. I was suprised to see Kringle with his front paws up on the protective railing. Strong little guy! Another thing I'm noting, is that for the first 2 weeks, Lexi would get in with the puppies and lay down so they could nurse. Now, she occasionally sits while nursing. I'm not sure why they do this, but it's fairly common with momma dogs in general. Puppies watched, actually listened to in the background, Angela's Christmas 2 on Netflix. As they get older, the movies will be more action packed and at a higher volume. This helps desensitize them and keeps them in a relaxed state when around normal household sounds. At about 4 weeks of age, I will start playing the sound of fireworks on my phone for 10 minutes at a time. I recommend continuing this after you take them home, especially a couple weeks before July 4th. Another fun fact...I wanted to give you some numbers so you can see how much the puppies are gaining. I will first note their weight at birth, then their weight on Day 15.

Angel (female) 12.31 oz. / 40.3 oz.

Noel (female) 19.0 oz. / 55.1 oz.

Kringle (male) 17.2 oz. / 52.3 oz.

Snowflake (female) 15.3 oz. / 42.5 oz.

Tinsel (female) 11.4 oz. / 35.8 oz.

Pumpkin (female) 14.4 oz. / 41.1 oz.

Figgy (male) 13.1 oz. / 39.7 oz.

They are really close to having tripled their birth weight. :) Puppy pictures tomorrow. Good night my Puppy Families. Will chat again tomorrow. Zzzzzzz...

Day 16 - Dec. 2 Hi Puppy Families! Babies are still doing great. The scent for their ENS training was cheddar cheese. Their movie was 'Love Actually' on Netflix...thanks to one of the puppy mommas recommendation. If you want to join in the fun, send me a text re a movie that you love on Netflix, and I will incorporate it into their daily program. :) I'm starting to see some maturing in these 'littles'. Every now and then I see a puppy sitting up, meaning they are getting stronger by the day. Angel had her head on top the protective rail and was fast asleep today. Couldn't get me phone fast enough to take a picture. AND...someone let out a little 'growwwwwl Bark'. I spun around so fast, it wasn't funny! It was soooooo CUTE! I also took pictures of the puppies today. I think I can get some better ones, so I'm going to give it another go tomorrow. I've posted them on IG, but may delete them if I can get better ones tomorrow. OakKnollDoodles on Instagram is the primary platform that I use to share info about my dogs, puppies, upcoming litters, etc. By the way, if you'd like any of the pictures text directly to you, let me know. I'd be happy to do so. Things to look forward to: At 3 weeks, I will be taking them out into the living room 2 times a day for recess. Introducing them to toys, baby slide, bells, fluffy stuffed animals, etc. At 3.5 weeks their potty training begins. It's amazing how quickly they catch on. I will keep you posted, as I look forward to chatting with you all through this journaling platform. Hope your Saturday was filled with something fun, someone to love and something yummy! Good Night...

Day 17 - Dec. 3 Hello Everyone! Puppies had another great day. They put on their modeling hats again and were in front of the camera this afternoon. I knew I could get better pictures, than I'd gotten yesterday, so I gave it another go. Much better!!! The babies ENS Training is supposed to go from day 3-16. Due to the 2 day break, I am continuing for an extra 2 days. Their scent was Coconut Syrup and their movie was Young Sheldon. They are walking much better, toppling over every now and then, but getting the hang of it. And, a couple times I've seen them trying to figure out how to play with each other. Usually one falls over backward in the process. They still LOVE to tuck themselves under the protective railing to sleep. So if you get them home and they like to find a cozy place to sleep, know that they naturally were doing something similar from the time they were 2 weeks old. Momma Lexi gets out of the whelping area and lays on the floor close by, quite often now. She's still monitoring and protecting her babies, but also giving herself a much needed break. It's about time to start the puppy mush. I moisten dry puppy food and then blend it in the blender to the consistency of pancake batter. Slowly moving them to just moistened kibble and then dry kibble shortly before they go home. I'll video their first few feedings and post on IG. Pretty comical watching puppies figure out how this is done. Pretty much they step right in it and have as much or more all over themselves the first few times they eat...but they love it. Seems there was more to share, but I can't think of it at the moment. Good night everyone...sleep well and have a great start to your week tomorrow.

Day 18 - Dec. 4 Hi Families...Puppies are thriving! They experienced the last of their ENS Training today. The scent was tomatoes, and the movie on Netflix was the continuation of Young Sheldon. I watched some of it last night too. Kind of cute! For everyone on the Wait List for this litter, Gotcha Day will be January 11, 2024+/-. Pick up dates are available, and will extend throughout that weekend. If you have a date and time that is better for you, send me a text and we can get you on the calendar. Now, for the fun stuff. The puppies are walking, sitting up and Snowflake made a little growl/bark noise today. Soooooo CUTE! Kringle was entertaining himself in his new found version of playing. He even wagged his tail. This is all NEW! I fully expect them to start interacting and tumbling around in the next few days. As I sit in the whelping box with them now, they are coming over to me to climb into my lap. They love to be held and routinely fall asleep in my arms while snuggling them. The puppies will be 3 weeks old this Thursday. At that time, I invite families to come hold and bond with the puppies. If you'd like to visit, send me a text and we will get you on the calendar. I had a puppy family ask about the possibility of the merle puppies having blue eyes, wondering when you can tell if they truly are blue. To answer that question, it usually is apparent around 4 weeks of age. Sometimes their eyes continue to change even after they appear blue. There is no way to guarantee a blue eyed puppy will maintain that eye color. It may lighten or darken within the first year. I'm trying to think of anything else you might be interested in...but I think that's it for today. Sleep well and know your puppy is in good hands.

Day 19 - Dec. 5 Puppies had another great day today! They are officially walking, interacting, playing, wagging their tails, putting their front feet up on the protective railing and doing a fun little growl/bark noise. Made my heart happy to see their joyful spirit. They still bombard Momma Lexi when she gets into the whelping bed to feed them. She will lay down some, but sits a lot to nurse them. They reach and fight to get to their ninny babas. (We all have different nick names for things. Not exactly sure where they come from. haha) The puppies still tuck themselves under the protective railing. For the ones who don't fit completely under the railing, they put their heads under the railing when they are ready to relax and fall asleep. I didn't notice this with Lexi's last litter, and think it's a way for them to swaddle themselves and feel secure right before they fall asleep. Did you see the "Story' on Instagram? It's a video of the puppies playing, if you'd like to take a look. And a little about me...I got a new phone today. My iPhone was about 3 years old, and I've filled up the space with photos so many times. Would have to go in and delete some, just to free up space for more puppy pics. Not any more! :) I'm happy to say I have a phone with 512 GB of space. And yes, I will probably fill it up with puppy pictures and videos one day, but not any time soon. Sleep well Puppy Families and I will check in with you all again tomorrow night.

Day 20 - Dec. 6 Puppies had visitors today. My girlfriends, Noelle and Carrie stopped by for a visit. Needed some cuddles from our sweet little puppies. Super fun. licked our hands, clothes, and they all eventually fell asleep in our lap. I was holding Snowflake, and when she woke, she promptly peed on me. Gave us a good laugh! All the puppies are playing with each other now. They will actually roll over on their backs and romp around. Not with a 100% coordination, but very entertaining!!! They are also putting their front feet up on the guard rails and looking over the white walls of the whelping box. I'll be taking that out of their pen at 3.5 weeks of age when their space is opened up to a 6' square area, making room for 3 potty trays. Everything progresses fairly fast from here on out. Watch for pics on IG for updates. I'm one tired puppy! ;) Time for some shut eye. Hope you all had a productive day and get a good nights sleep.

Day 21 - Dec. 7 Puppies are 3 weeks old today and becoming playful. They move around rather quickly when they see me or when Lexi gets into their bed to feed them. They're beginning to understand that humans give love and affection, and are coming over to greet me when I get in the whelping box with them. I caught Little Miss Angel scratching her chin with her hind foot. Sooooo Cute! How do they know to do these things? Instinct! They will be starting on Puppy Mush tomorrow. I'll try to get a video, because it's usually quite comical. Some walk right into the bowl! Their movie was 'I Can Only Imagine' on Netflix. I have another friend and her granddaughter coming over to hold the puppies tomorrow. If any of my puppy families want to come up for a visit, let me know. I ask that you wear clean clothes, not exposed to other animals, I'll have you either step in bleach water before entering the house or take your shoes off and put disposable booties on, and wash your hands before handling the puppies. They are unvaccinated which means we need to take extra caution to keep them safe. I will also explain the vaccine schedule when you pick up your puppies and the importance of not putting your puppy on the ground, in a public area, until they are fully vaccinated, which is typically at age 18 weeks. Parvo and Distemper are the two main viruses that we are concerned about. Although as I'm sure you are all aware of, there is a mysterious canine disease, respiratory illness that has surfaced. We will know more in 5 weeks when the puppies are picked up, but I'm guessing that added caution will be necessary when your new puppy goes to the vet or public places. Consult with your Vet to get the latest information and guidelines. Also, your puppy will need to be seen by your Veterinarian within 3 days of pick up for the 2 year health warranty to be valid. Might I suggest your making the appointment now. You can always cancel it or change it, but sometimes it's hard to get in if you try to make the appt after picking up your puppy. Hope you are happily home relaxing this evening. Sleep well...

Day 22 - Dec. 8 Hi Puppy Families. The babies had visitors today. Joyce and her granddaughter came to hold the puppies. They got a male from Lexi's last litter and would visit BamBam once a week. Joyce said, she really believes he bonded with her granddaughter when he was really young, due to the visits. They volunteered to help with the socialization of these babies. Plus, who doesn't like cuddling with adorable puppies. I've posted pics of them holding the puppies on IG today. Puppies watched The Super Mario Brothers Movie. Yay! Reminder...If you know your timing for the weekend of January 12th, please let me know when you'd like to pick up your puppy. I still have availability Thursday January 11 in the afternoon, Friday Jan 12 in the morning, and Sunday January 14 in the morning. Thank you to the families who have scheduled their pick up. Puppies are even more playful today. One of the little girls climbed up onto the protective railing and fell asleep. SO...It's time to take out the whelping box and railing. They will have the fence panels, 6'x6' water proof padding on the flooring and 3 potty trays. Feeding will start tomorrow. Thought it made sense to wait til the potty trays were in there. Video tomorrow of their first feeding. I promise. :) It was a busy day today and I'm tuckered out. Sleep well knowing the weekend is right around the corner. Night...

Day 23 - Dec. 9 Hi Families... Again, I'm happy to report the puppies had a fantastic day! They ate puppy mush for the first time and weren't too sure about it. What is puppy mush you ask? It is their puppy kibble, soaked in water and blended to the consistency of pancake batter. I will start by feeding them a little twice a day. Lexi loves cleaning them up after their attempt to eat. She is still nursing them, which is where their primary nutrition comes from, but the puppy mush helps supplement, and gets their tummies accustomed to eating food. Look on IG for a few video clips. Puppies are thriving! They don't need a room at 78-80 degrees any more. It's still warmer than the rest of the house, but at least I can sleep in the room comfortably now. Yay!!! Their movie was 'Christmas As Usual'. It's about a Norwegian woman who brings her fiance home to meet her family. It's particularly interesting, because I'm almost 100% Norwegian and I'm learning about some cultural traditions. Norway is still on my bucket list. :) Short but sweet. Not a lot to report tonight. Sweet dreams Y'all!

Day 24 - Dec. 10 Hello Everyone! Hope you had a perfect whatever way that might look for you! Puppies are more than great! They are jumping around, pouncing on each other, play growling and rough housing now. They are steady on their feet, walking and almost running. Lexi seems to think that standing to nurse is a good idea!? Poor babies, they have to get up on their hind legs to reach a ninny baba to get a drink. One of the merle puppies figured out if she sat on the protective railing, she could reach Lexi easier to nurse. I sometimes tell Lexi to 'sit' so the puppies can actually get a belly full. This is very normal at this stage, but because I'm human, I think its terribly mean, making the babies work so hard to nurse. Logically, I know it's natures way of making them strong. Their movie was The Guernsey today. The puppies are being fed once a day for a few days, then it'll be twice a day, and once their little systems are used to digesting something other than Momma's milk, they will be eating 3 times a day...which should continue until they are at least 6 months old. I have noted that on the paperwork I send home with you at Puppy Pick Up. I changed up their mush a little today. I made it a little runnier, added a sprinkling of probiotics and a small scoop of pumpkin. All good for gut health. They are going to start with 'Recess' in the play area tomorrow. I put a big blanket down, arrange an exercise pen to contain them, and introduce them to toys, furry stufed animals, balls, their slide and a wobble board. This is when I start getting some colorful, cute pics. Keep an eye out on IG. Time to go sit with the babies, let them crawl all over me, and give them some cuddles. Have a good night Puppy Parents. Sleep well and know that in about 5 weeks, you will have a little bundle of Love to greet your smiling face every morning!

Day 25 - Dec. 11 Puppies had a lot of change today. I took the whelping box w protective railings out. They now have an area that is 6' square with a little less than 1/2 being taken up by potty trays. It never gets old, watching the babies figure out the potty trays. They aren't too sure about the feel of the grates under foot and have to navigate the inch and a half drop to get off the tray. But they are doing it! I'm always amazed & grateful that they know and understand to go on the trays at such an early age??? They just started walking a few days ago! For the next few days, when I see them wake up, I quickly get into their pen and put them on the grate/tray. They always potty upon waking. This helps them to be successful, develop good habits and keep their area clean. I put them in the living room for recess while I rearranged their area. Thought they would be fairly curious, but they must have nursed shortly before I put them in their, because they all fell asleep. Took me over an hour to bleach the trays and plastic toys that will be in their recess area from here on out, so truthfully, I was glad they napped while I was busy. You should see them playing now! They are play growling & batting at each other with their front paws, tustle around and topple over onto their backs, jump at each other, and try to get out when I open the gate to the pen. Also, I think they are getting teeth, because Lexi jumped and let out a low growl when they started nursing at one point today. They are growing so fast, I can hardly believe it! I posted on IG today, so if you want to check it out, it will give you a visual of everything I've described. Even their using the potty trays. Yay!! Time for some shut eye. I'm not sure who had a busier day, the puppies or me. Good night...

Day 26 - Dec. 12 Good Evening Puppy Families. Well, the puppies DEFINITELY have teeth. I was in their area and always take my shoes off before entering. They were biting my feet and ankles, and playing tug of war with the hem of my shirt. Can you believe it?!? They are growing so fast. We are working on our potty training. I'm still rushing to their aid, to help them up on the grates as soon as they start to stir. Because we all know...Puppies Peeeeeee as soon as they wake! Best time to help them learn where it is you that want them to potty. I've really been watching the Merle puppies to see if any of them have blue in their eyes. Yes, a couple of them definitely do. I finally was able to see it!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted. Babies had a slide in their recess area. I'll post a couple reels on IG for you too see them exploring. Super fun to watch them navigate the slide. They are young, and played for about 10 minutes and went to sleep. They watched Eat, Pray, Love on Netflix. All in all, a good day. Night Y'all! Nope, I'm not from the South, but I love to visit. ; )

Day 27 - Dec. 13 Hi Everyone! Puppies are growing like crazy. They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow! Their fur is getting really fluffy, they are play biting each other and me, rolling over onto their backs, trying to run and pouncing on each other! They love to be held and come over for attention when people are near. Their movie was Where the Crawdads Sing. I've got puppy families coming to visit the babies both Friday and Saturday. If you'd like to come over for a visit, just let me know. Don't have much more to report, other than they are all doing wonderfully! Sleep peacefully knowing your puppies are maturing beautifully and right on schedule. Good night...

Day 28 - Dec. 14 Hello Puppy Families. Puppies are officially 4 weeks old today. Now, everything starts happening really fast. Their development skyrockets. New things every day! And, by the way, they are doing fantastic. A couple puppies are finding their way to the tray/grates for potty time on their own. Yahoo!!! They are playing and rough housing more confidently and laying on their backs to play, biting and pawing at each other. Love their little positions...When they lay on their tummy with their feet behind them, when they sit up like a big dog and take in their surroundings, and when they lay between the tray and the fencing and fall asleep in the most precarious positions. Lexi is still nursing them like a good momma. She goes in to feed them then wants out, but stays close to keep an eye on them, then lets me know when she needs to feed again...or I simply open the gate and she knows to go inside the puppy area. Im getting up a couple times a night to let Lexi in to feed and out again. We've got a routine and it seems to be working. Puppies ate their puppy mush more vigorously today. They all make their way to the communal bowl when it is placed in their area, all on their own. The puppies are having a visit from one of the Puppy Families tomorrow. So exciting! I'll take pictures and post on IG, with their permission. Time for a little shut eye. Sleep tight...and we will chat again tomorrow.

Day 29 - Dec. 15 Hi Everyone and Happy Friday! They puppies are doing great and had visitors today. One of our Puppy Families came to visit and hold the puppies. We were discussing their weight and how much bigger they were than their weight at birth. After doing the math, the puppies are 5+ times bigger than they were at birth, except for Tinsel and Angel, who are 6 times their size. Here's some numbers for those of you (&me) who like data.

Birth 4 weeks

Kringle 17.2 oz 91.5 oz (5.78 lbs)

Tinsel 11.4 oz 68 oz (4.25 lbs)

Angel 12.3 oz 72.5 oz (4.53 lbs)

Snowflake 15.3 oz 79.2 oz (4.95 lbs)

Figgy 13.1 oz 70.4 oz (4.4 lbs)

Noel 19.0 oz 101.4 oz (6.34 lbs)

Pumpkin 14.3 oz 78 oz (4.87 lbs)

Babies are biting and playing with their mouths a lot now. They are also licking as a way of developing their senses and showing affection. They've started putting their noses in the air when they smell something. It's fun to see these small developments and know it's all part of the process. Remember, they are like babies, everything goes into their mouth! EVERYTHING! Socks, undies, paper, clips, pebbles, etc. The thing that was hardest for me to keep my dogs to keep from eatinig, as puppies, was rocks/gravel. I was constantly opening their mouth to get a pebble out. Thank goodness, this is something they outgrow. Oh, and they'd grab the leaves on bushes as we'd walk by. Little rascals! Love them...can't live without them! Their movie was The Age of Adeline on Netflix. :) Night everyone. Sleep well...hope you have something fun to look forward to this weekend!

Day 30 - Dec. 16 Hello Puppy Families. Sorry for the delay in getting the puppy updates logged. I went to my daughters for a Cookie Exchange party tonight and got home late. Felt like a big girl getting out of the house. :) The puppies are doing wonderfully. They had another puppy family visit today. Super grateful for the families who are adopting these babies. We had a nice visit! Puppies are playing more, a little too rough sometimes, because I'll hear them let out a yelp. Time for me to put on my referee hat. HAHA! This is one of my shortest posts. Go to sleep knowing your babies are doing well and I will check in again tomorrow. Night...

Day 31 - Dec. 17 Hello my fellow dog lovers! Puppies are doing great. We had a family of 5 come over to see the puppies to help socialize them. After about 20 minutes, they were tuckered out and ready for another nap. They ate better today than yesterday. Think I made their puppy mush toooooo runny yesterday and they did not like it! So...When the puppies were eating, I thought I should get into their pen and encourage them to eat by putting the puppy mush on my fingers so they would lick it off, and then subsequently, lap it up out of the bowl. A messy job I might add...I too was covered in puppy food. Anyway, while I was in the pen, one of the puppies found the big pocket on the side my pajamas and put his head into it. Seriously, the Berner side of a Bernedoodle will have you laughing at their silly antics. They are the cutest darn things!!! Love these little babies! Their movie was Anne with an E. FYI-They like period pieces. :) I have to tell you about my project. I worked on a makeshift cover for my fold up wagon from Costco. Built a frame, our of PVC to go inside and bought a screen like mesh to make/sew into a cover with an opening at the top. I needed something big enough to take them to the Vet for their 7 week checkup, and to feel confident they wouldn't be exposured to viruses or germs. Voila! It actually turned out great! I'll try to create a post on IG so you can see what I'm talking about. Hope you all had a great weekend! Sleep tomorrow.

Day 32 - Dec. 18 Hello Puppy Families! Lots happening with the puppies. They were crazy energetic today when they went to 'recess' in the livingroom. Playing, rough housing, playing with the baseball that hangs from the slide, chewing on the ball with tabs, rolling the pink ball, up and down the slide...several times and grabbing onto each other's tails. Busy little guys!!! They are all doing great! I posted a few videos on Instagram. It's taking them a bit to upload, but they should be visible soon. I am going to get another version of Purina Pro Plan Puppy Formula to try. They don't seem to be very interested in the Salmon and Rice formula. My older dogs quit showing much interest in the food awhile ago. Not sure what's going on, maybe they've changed something with the formulation...but I'm going to get the Lamb and Rice formula tomorrrow and see if they like it any better. I'll also add some puppy formula to their mush for the next couple days and see if that makes it more palatable. If that doesn't work, I'm going to switch to PawTree dog food and see if they like it better. I put a water bowl in the puppies playpen area. It was interesting to watch them hesitantly approach it and taste the water. I noticed a couple puppies grooming their private parts today, sitting and using their hind foot to scratch an itch, and literally 'running' around. The cutest thing is when they wag their tails!!! Tellls me their happy!!! They watched some more of Anne with an E on Netflix. I made their 7 week puppy check up appointment today. It's scheduled for Friday, January 5, 2024. They will each be thoroughly examined by a doctor at Midland Animal Hospital in Poway, CA. Please call your Vet and make your puppies wellness checkup now. It's not always easy to get in last minute. I've noted in the contract, that that should be done within 3 days of taking the puppy home for the guarantee to be valid. Time for a little sleep. Night...

Day 33 - Dec. 19 Hello Everyone! Puppies had a good day. Very active when they were at Recess in the livingroom. They seemed to eat the Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice Puppy Kibble better than the Salmon and Rice. I added puppy formula again and that may be the reason why...Not sure. Lexi sure liked it. I let her clean the bowl when they are done and she also cleans the food off the puppies because...they still step in it...often. I've finally uploaded a couple videos of the puppies on IG. My wifi is giving me grief! Hopefully you were able to see them. They are much more active in their play area. Routinely climbing up on the slide now. I can also send specific videos of individual puppies if you'd like to see one in particular. The puppies will be 5 weeks old this Thursday. If any of you would like suggestions as to what you might need in preparing for your puppy, let me know. I can send you a link to a list on my Amazon account labeled Oak Knoll Doodles Families. The one thing I would recommend, is the potty trays and grates. I got those from:

Pet Edge. Phone 800-738-3343

Pro Select Mod Kennel Cage Replace tray L (pack of 2) Item # ZW520642

Pro Select SS Mod Kennel Cage Replacement Floor Grate Large 21"x26"x2" (pack of 2) ZW122442

These are kind of pricey. You may be able to find something similar, but these are the exact trays they have been trained to use.

One more item puppy families have raved about is the 'Snuggle Puppy'. You can find them on Amazon.

I will be sending you home with a care package. It will include a collar, leash, blanket with momma's smell and some other small items.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. It's nice to be able to share the fun and exciting things I see the puppies doing daily by journaling! Hope you get a good night's sleep and wake refreshed in the morning. Zzzzzzz.....

Day 34 - Dec. 20 Hi Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great. They like the Lamb and Rice dog food better, but still prefer Mommas milk. They are going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow. I'll weigh them and give them another worming treatment. They are playing, jumping at each other, batting at each other with both front paws, and picking on each other. They rough house to the point of making each other cry. Yup... I'm wearing a referee hat now! They are going into the living room twice a day. They love it!!! I had a friend here today and another coming over tomorrow to get their hair done, and we are holding puppies! I'm one tuckered out doggy guardian tonight. I'll make this short and sweet. Night everyone!!!

Day 35 - Dec. 21 Hello Everyone! Puppies had a busy day. Started with recess, then breakfast, I weighed them, 2nd deworming with Pyrantel Pamoate, trimmed toe nails and put them down for a nap. Later in the day, I brought them out, one by one, to take some pictures. I'll post them on IG. They are adorable and getting so furry! Funny Bernedoodle antic: As I was taking puppies into the living room to photograph, 9 month old Murphy (the puppy I kept from Lexi's last litter) was following me back and forth. As he was minding my business and keeping a close eye on the puppy in my arms, he ran directly into the little fencing I have dividing the living room off from the rest of the house. Thankfully he doesn't know I was laughing AT him. Don't want to hurt his sense of self! (he did not get hurt) Their movie was Seven Years in Tibet. The puppies are trying to get out of their pen enclosure when I open the gate. Problem is, their front feet spill onto the floor, but they don't know how to get their hind legs over. Won't take long!!! They are also standing on their hind feet, with paws up on the fencing when there's any activity they are interested in. They are getting so big!

Their weights:

Kringle 6.87 lbs.

Angel 5.25 lbs.

Noel 7.65 lbs.

Figgy 5.25 lbs.

Snowflake 5.93 lbs.

Pumpkin 5.93 lbs.

Tinsel 5.1 lbs.

I will see 3 families on Saturday, December 23 for Puppy Selection. I'll confirm individually via text the day before. Good night and sleep well...

Day 36 - Dec. 22 Hi Puppy Families! The puppies had a great day today! My friend Joyce came over for a hair appt and we delayed ending our visit by another 30 minutes, because there was some serious puppy holding going on! :) They are the sweetest little things! Super mellow... until they aren't. HAHA My neighbor stopped by during the puppies recess. We were both cracking up at the silly little things they would do. 3 of them tried to wiggle their way under the slide. I can't remember which one, dove off the top of the slide, in full attack mode, toward another puppy!!! They can really play rough and tough with each other these days. Tomorrow is Puppy Selection Day. There are 3 families choosing their new furever friend. It's very exciting! One family is surprising their 2 daughters. The girls have no idea that they are going to be getting a new puppy. I will be filming their initial reaction. Another family is flying in to make their selection, and the third family may do their selection via facetime. It's been a long time coming. The process of looking for a puppy, finding a breeder, waiting for the momma to go into heat, getting bred, confirm pregnancy, xray before delivery and then finally the day they are born. A lot goes into raising quality, well bred dogs. If you're ever interested, I'd be happy to tell you, in detail, everything that we do to bring you top of the line Bernedoodles. I can't believe that they will be ready to go home in 3 weeks. I'm going to miss these sweet little faces!!! Time for a little shut eye, because we have a busy day tomorrow. Sleep well...Travel safely to the families coming in from out of town to see these precious "Littles" and to my Puppy Families who are out and about this Holiday Season. Hugs...

Day 37 - Dec 23 Hello Puppy Families...For real this time. I've met all of you now, either in person or via Facetime. It's wonderful to put a face to a name. These puppies are going to be going to the BEST homes! Puppy Selection Day went off without a hitch. Excited families showing up with their children, who were totally surprised and other's with extended families. I feel a kinship with you all. The puppies still have some learning and maturing to do before they go home, so I will continue filling you in nightly. The company and activity of the day, was plenty of stimulation for the puppies. They've all been napping and nursing most of the afternoon. Their movie was A Man Called Otto. From here on out, I will be starting the more intense desensitization. They will listen to the sound of fireworks on my phone, the vacuum will run in the room they are sleeping in. They will hear pots and pans clattering. Their movies will have a more dramatic theme. When we are so lucky to have a warm day, I will take them outside...walking with them and pulling them in the wagon. I will take them for a car ride down the road and back. They will play on the patio and feel cool cement under their feet. They will go in and out the doggy door and feel the artificial turf beneath their feet. They will have small crates in their puppy area. There are other things I will be exposing them to as well...and I will note it in my daily journaling. These individual experiences, over time, is what gives you a well rounded puppy and companion. I am sincerely honored to be a part of these first few formative weeks. To my families who traveled a distance to see these babies...I hope you made it home safely and go to sleep with a happy heart. To my families who I facetimed with, know that your fur baby is safely in my care until you meet him for the first time at pick up. Reminder...Once you've chosen a name for your puppy, please let me know. No hurry, but I will start calling him/her by their new name. Sweet dreams families...Night

Day 39 - Dec. 25 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from your puppies. Until this very moment, I didn't realize I'd forgotten to write in the Blog yesterday. I'm sorry...I know some of you have shared the fact that you look forward to hearing about the puppies adventures at the end of the day. My daughter has a family pajama party on Christmas Eve every I was delayed in getting home. I had a friend come over and watch the puppies, letting Lexi in and out at varying times to feed the babies. Puppies are doing fabulously! They had an extra long recess in the living room today. Normally they fall asleep after about 20 minutes, but they played for about 45 minutes. I also cut the hair around they eyes of a few puppies so their view would be less obstructed. I've got before and after pictures of a couple of them. I'll post on Instagram to see if you can guess if your puppy was one of the ones who had a little grooming. They actually did fairly well with having scissors that close to their face for the first time. On another note...I have to say, these little guys are quick on their feet! They scurry to the gate of their pen and try to get out every time I open the gate. They are getting so strong!!! I'm taking in a fecal sample to the vet tomorrow for them to test. A couple puppies stool is a little loose, and I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'll keep you posted. I hope you all had a lovely day with either family and/or friends. Good night and sleep well...

Day 40 - Dec. 26 Good afternoon Puppy Families. I fed the puppies moistened kibble this morning, only blending slightly. They seemed to really like having something to chew on. I would have posted on IG, but I changed my password as a security measure, and there's a hiccup now. Hence, personal videos this morning. Last night I realized I've officially graduated to sleeping in the other room from the puppies. They still need a warm environment and I'm ok with that, but their middle of the night potty trays were a little too odiferous for me. HaHa! Plus they will begin the weaning process this Thursday, at 6 weeks old, so I won't need to be available to let Lexi in and out during the night. Puppies finally did their business socould run it to the Vet. They said they would have the results tomorrow. I've gotten some furever names from some of the puppy families. I thought I'd share a few ... because it's fun!

Kringle - Otis or Walter

Angel - Phoebe

Noel - Rosie

Figgy - Bogey

Snowflake - Pepper

Tinsel - Evie or Evey

Pumpkin - may stay Pumpkin ???

Oh...your babies were escape artists ... for real today. Not sure how the gate to their pen was opened, (I probably didn't get it latched properly) but all the dogs were gently playing with the puppies when I went back into the room. So grateful the bigger dogs really love the little ones. They did with Lexi's last litter too. Time for some much needed relaxation. Night everyone...

Day 41 - Dec. 27 Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time for the Holidays! My daughter came over today and helped me get my Instagram up and running again. Yay ... puppy Posts will now resume. Your puppies are doing great! Got the results back from fecal analysis, and surprisingly, it's all clear. I was sure something had to be going on. The vet said the dewormer can upset their system and overeating will do it as well. So, when they go in for their 7 week checkup, I am going to take a 'collection' from the puppies and have it analyzed again, just to be on the safe side. They are going to be dewormed 2 more times before they go home. This is an ongoing process, so your vet will want to check their stool periodically and possibly have you continue deworming a few more times. I am going to text you all a link to a list on my Amazon account. In that list, I've compiled a few things I use and recommend. If you're looking for a kennel, there are a few that I like in particular, etc. Here are a few things I highly recommend.

*Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

Use after every bath to clean and dry out the ears. Very important for doodles!

*FXWRollick Dog Playpen - 40" Height, 8 panels

There are varying brands, but this height and style are my favs

*Crate - Midwest Kennels "Life Stages Double Door" with divider

For smaller Bernedoodles - 36"

For Medium Bernedoodles 35-50 lbs - 42"

*Comb CWXZSTM Pet Steel Combs

There are various brands, but these are a must for keeping the mats away.

*Snuggle Puppy - SmartPetLove Original

Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

*WaterPik Pet Wand Shower Attachment Wand

An Attachment for your shower that diverts the water to the wand to make bathing and rinsing much easier if your are going to bathe your puppy/dog at home!

*Bells for Potty Training

*Panacur for deworming

I buy the Potty Trays through Pet Edge. Please refer to Day 33 for specific info.

Puppies listened to Fireworks again today and had 2 hearty recess playdates in the livingroom. The puppies also had visitors. My daughter and grandson came over and we had a puppy holding party. They are so social. Love anybody and everybody!!! Please keep this exposure up once they go home. Between the 9th to 16th week is the most important time to make sure they are socialized, seeing and experiencing new things. A pet stroller will help you do this, as the puppies are not fully vaccinated until they are 18 weeks of age. They should not be put on the ground, in public places, where they may pick up Parvo or other deadly viruses or diseases. I recommend your discussing this with your Vet. Nice chatting with you this evening. Have a good night, and I'll be back in touch tomorrow.

Day 42 - Dec. 28 Hi there Puppy Families! Your babies are doing great! They had a good romp in the living room for recess this morning. I posted 3 short videos on IG. They tumble, growl at each other and play least I think it's playing, jump off the slide, but no more hiding under the slide. They cannot fit any longer. The puppies were dewormed again today. The medicine, pyrantel pamoate, has a sweet vanilla taste, (or so I'm told), and they lap it right up. Here are their weights at 6 weeks old:

Kringle - 8.7 lbs

Angel - 6.5 lbs

Noel - 9.6 lbs

Figgy - 6.7 lbs

Snowflake - 6.6 lbs

Pumpkin - 7.4 lbs

Tinsel - 6.1 lbs

I keep watching for a warm day so I can take them outside for a ride in their wagon, just to give them some new experiences. But it's been a bit too chilly. Their movie is The Manny on Netflix in Spanish with subtitles. The puppies will be well on their way to being bi-lingual when they go home. ;) I think that's all I have to report. Buenas Noches...

Day 43 - Dec. 29 Hello Puppy Families! Puppies are doing great and had a couple firsts today. When it was time for them to go to recess this morning in the living room, I simply opened the gate to their pen, and encouraged them to follow me to the living room. Snowflake was right out front, a couple others happily followed, and then Kringle and Angel needed help getting over the threshold to their gate, and then they trotted along, following my coaxing. 'Here puppy, puppy, puppy!' Sooooo stinkin' cute!!! While they were in their play area, I took them outside, one at a time, to experience the outdoors. Notice the cool air, smells, new sights and sounds. They were outside for a minute or two each. It was a bit nippy, but wanted to take the opportunity to continue introducing them to the world around them. They played for a long time in the living room, messed up their blanket (see IG video) and then promptly fell asleep. Love these 'Littles'!!! My lower lip is pooching out as I say they are starting the weaning process. They love nursing, and it's hard to keep Lexi away from them, but I remind myself, it's all part of the process. Lexi fed them only 3 times today. Gradually weaning them is necessary, to make sure Lexi doesn't develop mastitis, by having so much unexpressed milk. I'll let them nurse one more time in the middle of the night. Tomorrow will only be twice during the day and once in the night. Seems like this litter grew up sooooo fast! Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is exactly what you need it to be. Night...

Day 45 - Dec. 31 Hello Puppy Families and Happy New Year Eve!!! Your babies are continuing to do great! They still love their recess time in the living room. I wish it was warmer outside, because I would be introducing them to the patio, doggy door and artificial turf. In the mean time, they are having visitors, playing in the living room, listening to movies, sounds on my phone and music. They got a couple new toys/balls yesterday. They LOVE them!!! 'jw HOL-EE ROLLER' They are either the medium or large size. The small size will roll under the couch and drive you nuts...because the puppy quickly figures our that if they roll it under the couch, you have to get up and get it for them. ;) Look for a couple videos on IG tonight. I will be playing the sound of fireworks again today. They aren't bothered by them in the least. My son and his wife are coming over tonight to visit with the puppies and me of course! Sorry about missing the Blog entry yesterday. Enjoy your evening and stay safe please. See you next year!!!

Day 46 - Jan. 1 Happy New Year Everyone! Puppies are great. Had Noel's family over for a visit today. It's fun watching the puppies bond with their families long before they leave the nest. All the puppies came out to the living room to play while the families hold, not only their puppy, but all the puppies are involved in the play date. I was so proud of the babies this morning. The waterproof blanket in their pen was unsoiled and the potty trays were the only places they did their business. Not sure how these little ones understand this form of potty training at such a young age, but am ever so grateful! Regarding their food...I'm wondering if the formulation has changed with Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice or Lamb and Rice, or something, because the puppies eat, but aren't ecstatic at meal time like other litters have been. If you have another puppy kibble that you like with at least 28% protein without ANY poultry or poultry by products, it may be worth a try. I'll send a gallon size bag of food home with each puppy, which should be slowly integrated and mixed with the new food until they are switched over. This process takes about 7-10 days. I've been adding DocRoy's GI Synbiotics Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement. It adds a little flavor and is good for gut health. Hope you all had a wonderful 1st day of the new year! Have a good night...Chat tomorrow.

Day 47 - Jan. 2 Hi Puppy Families. Babies are doing great. I'm not moistening their food quite as much and they are eating it right up. Plus, the weaning process is well under way, and I simply think they are hungry and have an appetite! Lexi produced so much milk, that I don't think they were terribly hungry when I'd offer the puppy mush. We had a fun day. It was a wee bit nippy, but the sun was shining, so I took the puppies out onto the patio. They LOVED it!!! Running and playing. It was short lived because they wobbled the water bowl and I didn't want them wet and chilled. No water on the patio next time. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, otherwise I would offer them some patio time again. I've posted a couple videos on IG. They are such snuggle bugs. I know they are going to fill your homes with love! Potty training is still going really well. All little bidness meetings were on the trays when I greeted them this morning. Good 'job' Littles!!! Sleep well my friends...Night

Day 48 - Jan 3 Hello Everyone. I hope your New Year is starting out amazingly well. Your puppies are thriving. They are completely weaned and eating really well. No more issues with an appetite. Yay!!! They will be going home with a gallon size bag of Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice Puppy Formula. Their little pooper doopers are nice and firm. May be too much info, but as a new puppy parent, it's the little things that make us happy! They got a new, fluffy bed today. Not something I leave in their area, (in case they decide to chew it up and eat the stuffing) but like to introduce them to it. They All loved it!! Check out IG for a video of Kringle and Pumpkin lounging in the bed. The babies had a visitor today. My dear friend, Emmy, came over to visit and see her puppy...along with admiring and playing with all the little ones. They got lots of attention and had recess in the living room 3 times today. Too bad it wasn't any warmer, I would have loved for them to run around and play on the patio again. I'll chat with you again tomorrow. Take care and sleep well.

Day 49 - Jan. 4 Hello My Beautiful Puppy Families! Your puppies are happy and thriving! They are, whole heartedly, eating their food with enthusiasm and actually feeling a little more rotund, solid, filled out, etc. I walked the babies out front this morning and let them smell the cool air. These little moments are teaching them that the world is a safe place. That they can do and experience new things and stay calm and relaxed. And... Lucky us, we had nice enough weather to have a play date on the patio this afternoon. Can't say it's particularly warm at 58 degrees, but warm enough for them to spend some time outdoors. I have a small portion (15'x5') completely fenced off, top to bottom, so the puppies have a SAFE place to experience the outdoors, run and play. And run they do!!!! They love getting outside. We know they are using their potty trays consistently inside, and even with the newness of an outdoor adventure, 4 puppies pottied, and 1 puppy did his business on the trays on the patio. At 7 weeks old...that is impressive. I've posted an IG reel for you to share in their patio adventures. I'm not sure if any of you know this...I am also a licensed hairdresser, for the last 40 years, and work from home. It's the perfect situation to have puppies, be home to monitor their needs, still work in my trained profession and be able to visit with my ladies. So, if I don't respond immediately when you've called or text, there's a good chance I am knee deep in hair color beautifying one of my clients. On that note...time to get back to work. Will chat again tomorrow. Oh...Tomorrow is Vet Check Up day. Going to try out my new wagon. Wish us luck!!! :)

Day 50 - January 5 Good Evening Puppy Families. The puppies had a BIG day! They had their 7 week Vet Check-Up. They had their first car ride in a wire crate and they all did fine. A little whining and crying at first, but were all asleep by the time we got to the Vet. FYI- They were a hit the moment we walked into the Vet Office. Everyone was coming over, asking what kind of puppies they were and if they were all spoken for. The Vet gave each of them a thorough exam and they all passed with flying colors. The only thing they found was a small umbilical hernia on Angel. The Vet even commented a couple times about how calm and mellow the puppies were. They received their first vaccine. The Vet suggested they get their subsequent vaccines at 10, 13, and 16 weeks. By all means, follow the schedule your vet sets up for you, but I wanted to pass along another professional opinion. Note: Please, please make a point to get their Rabies at least 3 weeks from the date of their last Vaccine. Do not let them give the puppy their last booster and the Rabies on the same day. Some puppies do not do well with this and I always will play it safe and do what is best for the puppies. Puppies are almost on dry kibble. I moisten their kibble with a little water, let it sit 5 minutes, add probiotics, and then feed. The gobble it up! They are loving it!!!! Thank goodness..I was worried a couple weeks ago. Enjoy your evening and know your puppies are loved and in good hands. Good night...

Day 51 - Jan. 6 Hi Puppy Families...Hope you had a wonderful Saturday. The puppies are doing great! I microchipped them this morning with the help of my dear friend Sharon. They were all so brave! Their microchip number is in your packet. Once you've picked up your puppy, might I suggest to register your puppies microchip number as soon as possible, otherwise, if they were to accidentally get out and get lost, their chip can be scanned but there will be no owner information attached to it. It is a FREE, and simple process. You'll scan the code on the card taped to your vaccination record and go to the 'fi NANO' site. Enter your dogs info and your personal information and then your puppy will be in the national registry, should they ever get lost. I will confirm their chip and number with my scanner on the day of pick up. If you'd like to do it here with me, at pick up, I'd be happy to help. When the puppies were at the Vet for their 7 week check-up I took a fecal sample in from several puppies, for good measure. It came back positive for giardia, which is not uncommon. The Doctor suggested treating with Fenbendazole, once a day, for 5 days, wait a week, and then treat for an additional 5 days. I started them on the medication today. I'll send you home with the medication for the second round. Your Vet may have suggested to bring in a fecal sample when you take your puppy in for a check up within the first 3 days of picking him/her up. Please relay this information ahead of time to your Vet, as they will probably delay the fecal test for 1-3 weeks after the last dosing, to be sure to get an accurate reading. I will check in with each of you tomorrow, in case you have any questions. Also, wanted to mention the puppies are on dry food only now. No more moistening their food, not even a little. They love it and are eating it so fast, maybe too fast, that I am introducing the slow feeder tomorrow. I've got one and will be ordering another. Don't you just love Amazon!?! Whew! I know that was a lot of information. I look forward to chatting with each of you tomorrow. I will be available from noon on. If I can't get a hold of you, I'll send you a text. Have a good night...Sleep well.

Day 52 - Jan 7 Hello Puppy Families. Boy was it a busy day! Puppies are doing great and tolerating the medication for giardia well. I am moistening their food a little (and still adding DocRoy's GI Synbiotics to their food), so they get a little added water to their diet. I know their little bodies have to process this medicine and I want to make sure they stay hydrated. They are still very energetic, and playing quite vigorously. You'd never know they were having an issue. Oh, I forgot to mention. When they went for their car ride to the Vet on Friday...Not one puppy got car sick. Yay! You never know who will have motion sickness...but these guys are champs. It was nice chatting with most of you today. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. I didn't get the contracts emailed today. Will work on that tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend...Sleep well. Zzzzzzzz...

Day 53 - Jan 8 Hello Fellow Bernedoodle Lovers! Just're going to have on of your very own soon. Today was another wonderful day! Babies are doing well. Had a long recess in the living room. Before I put them back in their pen, I did a walk about with each puppy. It's fun to see their exaggerated sniffing and smelling while outdoors. On our way into the house, we stopped at the mirror and let them look at themselves. They weren't sure what to think. HAHA They are taking their medicine well, although it tastes kind of foul, so every now and them they will shake their head after I've put an additional few drops on their tongue. If you haven't gotten DocRoy's GI Synbiotics, might I suggest doing so. It's on Amazon. It's really good for gut health and restoring any flora that the meds may disrupt. Plus, it's just good for them in general. We did a little more desensitizing to loud noises again today. They seem to not mind in the least. I have a hand held vacuum or blower with a high pitch whine. Not a problem for these Littles. I know some families have shared that they are preparing their homes for the puppies arrival. If you have any questions while doing so, feel free to call or text. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Time for a little relaxation. Hope you all sleep well and wake rested. Good Night...

Day 55 - Jan 10 Hello Puppy Families. Puppies are doing really well. They finished up this round of medication. Not sure they like me as much as they did 5 days ago. The medicine tastes pretty bad, and since I'm the one who had to administer it, well you know. Good news...They tolerated it well. Just remember to feed them about an hour before you give them the medication. I had them on the patio yesterday and again this morning while I was cleaning their potty trays. They LOVE being outside. One little funny...They didn't realize a glass sliding door was not a pass. They bumped into it several times before they figured out, that you couldn't get into the house through the glass. And...I've stood in front of a mirror several times to let them get a look at themselves. I don't think they know how to process seeing their reflection. Kind of cute. 3 puppies had a bath, blow dry and picture. They all did fairy well...though none of them love the blow dryer yet. They've heard it often enough, but they didn't like the air blowing on them. I will send you pictures of your puppy once they've been photographed. Sleep well...and I'll write more tomorrow.,,on their 8 week birthday.

Day 56 - Jan 11 Hi Puppy Families. Puppies are doing great! I've been bathing and photographing puppies for their 8 week portrait. They sure are Cutie Pies!!! I'll be posting on IG in a day or two. I've got the puppy packs and paperwork organized and ready for your puppy pick up. Please plan on spending 30-45 minutes here so we have plenty of time to do the paperwork, let me explain a few details about the medicine, remind you to keep your puppy from putting their feet on the ground in public places until they are fully vaccinated, and answer your questions. Feel free to bring a list so we can go over all your questions while you are here. You are always welcome to text or call as additional questions arise. It will be a full weekend! Looking forward to seeing some of you again and meeting some of you for the first time. Good night and sleep well...

Day 57 - Jan 12 Hello Everyone. Well...the puppies have started going to their furever homes. What a journey! From helping Lexi have her puppies just 8 short weeks ago, to these Littles having a mind of their own and realizing there is a world out there, waiting to be explored. I love hearing stories about my puppies and seeing pictures of them and their fun little antics. So, feel free to shoot me a text whenever you'd like to share something fun, funny or interesting about them. By the way, I have an Oak Knoll Doodles Family page on Facebook that I haven't done much with. If you all would like to connect there, I will get it up and running. I always think it's fun to talk to other pawrents from the same litter and compare notes, get ideas and create community. After I'd bathed Rosie (Noel) she was hanging out in my bathroom with me while I got ready to greet her new family. Sooooo cute watching her greet the puppy in the mirror (herself). She clearly was enjoying her new friend. I will post a couple videos on IG tonight. Rest up...and safe travels to those of you who are traveling a distance to pick up your baby. Call if you have any questions, otherwise I'll see you here at your scheduled times. Good night...sleep well.

Day 58 - Jan 13 Hello to my Puppy Families and Friends. It's been great seeing you all during puppy pick up and watching your reaction to your new member of your families. And when the puppies peed on the trays before the new families were ready to leave, was a very exciting moment! If you were here, and your puppies peed on command, you know what I'm talking about. We were a bunch of cheer leaders cheering them on! Yay!!!!! The last 2 puppies go home tomorrow morning. Ladies...Please drive safely on your journey to Ramona. I'm so happy for you all and your Bernedoodle puppies. If you have any questions, even for something simple, don't hesitate to call. I'm here for you and love them right along with you. It's going to be quiet around here for the next couple weeks until Remi has her babies. She's due Jan 26. Getting the x-ray next week on Thursday. Sooooo, we'll see how many puppies she has in the oven. At the time of the sonogram, the technician guessed there to be 5 or 6 puppies. Fingers crossed! Enjoy your babies...hopefully they sleep well for you tonight. A few puppies are occasionally sleeping for 6-8 hours at a time. If you need help, call me and I will sing them a lullaby. :) Good night...

Day 59 - Jan 14 Hello Puppy Families. The last of the two puppies went home today. Truly a bittersweet moment. I'm thrilled to have such wonderful families welcoming these beauties into their lives...and also thankful for the pictures and updates that are already trickling in. A most sincere thank you to the families who put their trust in me as their breeder. It's the little things you say and do, that are the highest form of a compliment and means the world to me. I loved them for the first 8 weeks of life, and will always have a special place in my heart for each and every one of the puppies. Enjoy your new fur babies...I know you will give them a great life. Good Night... Darla Allen 'Oak Knoll Doodles'

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