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Remi Litter - January 24, 2024

Updated: Mar 24

Remi and Howie's puppies were born January 24, 2024 by Cesarean. She is such a mellow girl, that her being in labor wasn't apparent, at ALL! The only indication was that there was the sack from the first puppy protruding and no signs of labor or pushing for over 2 hours. Needless to say, we packed up and drove to Murrieta, where my Vet was working for the day. She was amazing. Got her in and out within an hour and a half, and I was heading home with one of the most colorful litters of 5 male puppies to date. heard that right...ALL Males. 1 Tri Merle, 2 Red/White, 1 Tri Parti, and 1 Red/White Parti. All healthy and strong. They have been right on track for growth, emotional maturity, activity level, etc. All puppies have a fur-ever family except for 'Cody' the Red/White Parti male. If you know of anyone who may be wanting a sibling to your puppy or you think having 2 puppies is a good idea, (they do keep each other busy and entertained), let me know. I offer a $250 Referral Fee for any new puppy families who purchase a puppy, or a $500 discount for families wanting to add another puppy to their pack.

I am starting the blog when the puppies are 5.5 weeks of age, because there is so much information to share within the next couple weeks, that having one place to direct my puppy families has proven to be the most effective way. Always know you are welcome to call me for clarification and/or questions.

March 3 - Day 39

Remi's puppies are doing great! They are eating well and even sneaking Remi's dry food. Actually, I think they are licking her food, but they love it! The puppies have been watching a movie a day to get them used to routine household noises. Today was Fried Green Tomatoes. They are having 'Recess' in my Salon once a day. They LOVE it! They play, chew on soft toys, play with the balls and their all time favorite is the slide. I posted on Instagram today with their new portrait pictures at 5.5 weeks old. The babies had a mini Spa Day today. They got their nails trimmed, hair on their feet shaped, hair between their eyes shaped up, combed, testicle check...(Yup, they all have two of those bad boys), pictures and videos taken. They should sleep well tonight...and so will I!!! Please keep an eye out for more blog posts. I may not post every day, but I will definitely post often enough to share pertinent information. Hope you all had a nice Sunday and stayed in, out of the rain. Good Night...

March 4 - Day 40

Good evening Puppy Families. The puppies had a great day! First, let me say I felt like a proud mama when I woke to the puppies having used their potty trays solely last night. They've been getting the hang of it, but still forget and potty on the blanket every now and then. Think they turned a corner last night, though. Fingers crossed it continues! The puppies are coming to the gate when I open it, as fast as they can now, and try to sneak out. They are playful and excited little guys. Every now and then, they still feel timid and need reassurance, as this is all part of the maturing process. They watched 27 Dresses on Netflix today. Remi is getting after them when they try to nurse, which is natural during the weaning process. Their teeth are SHARP and it isn't comfortable for her any longer. I stand by the pen, petting Remi, to distract her a few times a day so the puppies can nurse. I will be deworming the puppies tomorrow with Fenbendazole, for 3 days in a row...and they will get their first Parvo vaccine on Friday. I will give you a vaccine record to take to your vet with all their deworming, vaccine dates, and the microchip information. When you take your puppy in for their well puppy check up, please ask the vet to scan your puppy between the shoulder blades to verify your microchip is reading. (your microchip brand is an fiNANO and is free to register). I will use my chip reader to verify the number, in front of you, before you leave on Gotcha Day, aka puppy pick up. The puppies are having visitors tomorrow. Yay!!! Good night and sleep well...Zzzzzzz

March 5 - Day 41

Hello Puppy Families! The puppies had a good day! Ollie's puppy mama came to visit her baby! Mr Blue Eye! He, Beans and Cody had their first real bath today! Can't say they were thrilled, but they sure were fuzzy and super cute afterward! Murphy and Bogey will get their baths tomorrow. They had tons of fun playing in the play yard today. Recess lasted for over an hour, until they all fell asleep...Ollie slept in my lap. Check our Instagram for some new photos and videos. A big shout out to my neighbor, Maria, who has been helping me clean, feed and socialize the puppies 3 mornings a week. Couldn't do all that it takes to produce happy, well socialized puppies with out my community nearby to help. Remi, the puppies mama, is pretty much done nursing the puppies. Tomorrow is they will be 6 weeks old. Don't you find in fascinating how Mother Nature knows the natural flow to life. Stay tuned for more details a they continue to grow and mature. I love sharing with the folks that this means most, my families! Hugs...Night

March 6 - Day 42

Hello Puppy Families! The puppies are doing great and had a big day. Bogey (formerly Finn) and Murphy (formerly Hans) had a bath and blow dry. They are never sure about the blow dryer. I lay the blow dryer on a table close by and point it in the puppies direction. That way I have 2 hands to snuggle the puppy while being blown dry, to help him get used to it in a calm way. Plus if they start to fall asleep while drying, I use that opportunity to trim the hair between their eyes and on their feet. They were so fluffy and supper cute!!! All the puppies got their first vaccine. This one is called NeoPar and starts their protection against Parvo at an early age. It is a modified live virus, and they puppies all did great. They were all very brave! :) Also, I started another deworming treatment today. This treatment is Panacur, (Fenbendazole). It is a broad spectrum dewormer and will be given for 3 days in a row. They are completely weaned and on PawTree food. I started moistening their food again, because it is vital that they have a full tummy when the worming meds are given. Let me know if you have any questions regarding your preparation for Go Home Day. Always nice filling you in our day! Hope you're all doing well. Good night...

March 7 - Day 43

Hi Puppy Families. Your puppies are doing really well with their potty training. I sent a picture to a couple families, to show how clean their blanket was in the morning, and how full their potty trays were. They are smart little guys! They are becoming super social. One of my friends was over to get her hair done, and we said hello to the babies. They all came right up to the gate and wanted attention. To keep this outgoing personality once they get home, make sure to socialize them between 9-16 weeks in particular. I can't stress how important this is to their social outlook for life! Plus, it's really fun to take them out, either in a stroller, front pack or a sling. They are into day 2 of their Deworming meds, Fenbendazole. All are tolerating it very well. I make sure they have a full tummy, wait an half hour or so, then give the meds. They want to like it, but once they realize it has a nasty taste, they are not as cooperative. I use a syringe, (without the needle) and put a little into their mouth at a time, to make sure they don't aspirate. They are completely weaned, although when Remi walks past their play pen, they scream bloody murder! She definitely wanted to quit nursing them once their teeth came in. They are SHARP! Remind me to share my technique to get them to stop biting, if your interested. They are watching the beginning of The Night Agent on Netflix tonight. New post on Instagram! Anyway, I hope your are enjoying the blog. It's my way of giving you a little information routinely, since you can't have the puppies home with you yet. Soon... Hope you had a good day, enjoy your evening and have a good sleep. Night...

March 11 - Day 47

Hello Puppy Families! Babies are growing like a weed! They are actually following me into the play area now. I open the gate to their pen, and they run after me like baby chicks after the momma hen! So Cute!!! They love to play in the playpen during recess. I use that time to clean their pen and get it set up for the day. They are eating dry kibble solely with probiotics sprinkled on top. Funny, how they weren't too sure about 'food' when they were young, and now they are ravenous! They will have their vet check this Wednesday, with Lisa Markman, "The Traveling Vet". I was so excited to find her. No more trying to transport puppies to the vet. She comes to your house. I will be sending in a cumulative fecal sample. By the way, it's almost unbelievable that they are using the potty trays 90% of the time now! Not sure how they understand this at such a young age, but they do, and it keeps their area so much cleaner. Hope you all had a great Monday. Will chat soon. Please reach out if you have any questions that have not been addressed in this blog. Sleep tight...

March 12 - Day 48

Hi Puppy Families. The babies had another good day. They watched First Knight on Netflix, we out of their pen area running around the house, exploring things that were very new to them, and gaining confidence by the minute! Tomorrow is the big day. Their Vet Check is at 10;30. I will post her findings. I'm going to be drawing up the contracts within the next few days. I will send them for your review. No need to sign and return, as I will have a copy for both of us to sign at pick up. Hope you had a good day and sleep well. Good night from your little 4 legged fur baby!

March 13 - Day 49

Hello Puppy Families. Your puppies are thriving! They had their Vet check today and all passed! I will have the result of the fecal tomorrow and they will get their vaccine next Wednesday, when they are 8 weeks old. I'll send home their health record so you can see when they were dewormed and vaccinated. They still need a series of vaccines and another fecal or deworming...but follow your Vets instructions. I can give you details as to how I maintain my puppies health once I get them home, and then you can take that information and formulate your plan. The puppies started their firework desensitization today by listening to 10 minutes of fireworks sounds on Youtube. This really helps during the 4th of July or any other time someone shoots off fireworks. I recommend continuing this training once a week for several more weeks. Pick up day is getting close. If you have someone to hold the puppy when on the way home, no crate is needed. If you are picking up by yourself, a small crate would be useful. Call me if you have any questions. I'm always here to help. Good night...

March 20 - Day 56

Good Morning Puppy Families. Your 'Littles' are doing GREAT! They are 8 weeks old today!!! My how they have grown. They are still watching a movie a day on Netflix, having recess with the baby slide and lots of new toys, running around the house, hiding under the bed playing keep away, being held and going outside for a new experience, and meeting new people. Weights: Murphy 7.2 lbs. Ollie 8.5 lbs. Bogey 8.5 lbs. Cody 7.1 lbs. They will finish up their last of a 3 day course, of Safeguard (Fenbendazole) deworming treatment today and receive their DHPP vaccine. All this is documented in your Puppy Immunization Record. Please take this with you to the Vet for your babies check-up so they can add it to their records. (Not sure why this is more learning curve). I'm looking forward to seeing Ollie and Murphy's parents again, and meeting Bogey's parents for the first time this Friday and Saturday. Let me know if you have any questions via a text, phone call or email. I'd like to help you and your puppy have a seamless transition to their new homes. Have a beautiful day!!!

March 21 - Day 57

Hello Puppy Families! Since the weather has been so nice, the puppies have had 2 play dates on the patio both yesterday and today. They LOVE it!!! They run around, play, jump on each other and are consistently using their potty tray. They watched a double feature on Netflix today. I've been turning the volume up so they are used to normal household noises. This is an exciting time. Puppies have started going home. Baby Beans is with his new family. (See Instagram post) We have 2 more pick ups tomorrow, Friday, and one pick up on Saturday. Little Mr. Cody, our Red and White Parti Boy is still available. If you know of anyone who might be interested, or if you want your little guy to have a ready made playmate, please contact me. I offer a $500 discount on the 2nd puppy purchased. Your babies are healthy, and ready to join their new families. It's has truly been my pleasure to start your puppies in a loving home environment, with a curriculum that enriches their mental capacity, socialization, and playful spirit. Please keep me updated with pictures, stories and weights. I love hearing how they are doing and how they are flourishing.

March 24 - Day 60

Hello Puppy Families. I just wanted to touch base and see how you are doing with your new fur babies and members to your family. I've gotten some heartwarming updates, pictures and feed back, with stories of puppies watching sports with their new Hooman, making a long trip home successfully, loving their new bed and toys, going for walks on the beach in a puppy sling, getting up once during the night or even sleeping thru the night. Thank you so much for your messages. They mean more to me than I can say. I know a few of you have puppy Vet check ups this week. Please feel free to give the Vet my number if they have any questions. I'd love to hear how your vet appt went if you'd like to send me a message. Hope you have another good night. So grateful for each and every one of you and the love you are showing my/your puppies. Hugs...

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