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Lexi's Baby Blog - 5/29/2024

Updated: 7 hours ago

Friday - 5/24/24

Good Morning Future and Past Puppy Families! Our sweet Miss Lexi is working hard, Baking Babies! She was bred to Levi, our 19 lb Tri Merle Mini Poodle, & had an ultrasound on May 22, and we definitely see 8, possibly 9 puppies. Lexi's due date is May 30th, but typically has them a couple days early. She is the best Momma EVER and is laying around, hungry as all get out, and trying to take over the other dog's crates. I think she is starting to nest. She will get into Murphy's crate and sit there, leaving him with this forlorn look on his face. HAHA Today is the day I will be setting up her whelping area, with the protective pig railing around the inside perimeter that protects the puppies from accidentally being laid on. This is an exciting time...and I LOVE being able to share it with you all through the daily blog. Every once in a while, I will fall into bed at night and realize I have forgotten to give you an update...but in general, it is my intention to let you know how the daily activities have gone. This Blog is for anyone and everyone who finds joy in following the journey of our beautiful Bernedoodle puppies. Get ready...because they are just about to begin! Sending Love...

Saturday - 5/25/24

Hello Puppy Families! Lexi's whelping area is all set up. She is hanging out, sleeping a lot, a little waddly (Yup, I made that word up...because it describes her to a 'T') when she gets up and moves around, but no signs of early labor yet. I am however, officially on puppy watch. I will limit my time away from home from here on out and start monitoring her temperature daily. Once I see a temp drop, they typically go into labor within 24 hours. It's an exciting time, but I have to say, I am going to enjoy my last few nights of uninterrupted sleep! Once the puppies come, it is common for me to pop out of bed 6-10 times a night to do a puppy count, making sure the puppies are all accounted for and none have gotten trapped under the momma. Not much else to report...hope you all get a good nights sleep and have a safe holiday weekend.

Sunday - 5/26/24

Hello Puppy Families. Well, after I said Lexi wasn't showing any signs of labor, she went through a 1/2 hour spell last night, of heavy panting and restlessness. I thought for sure she was in early labor. But by 12:30 am, she settled down and slept through the night. Today was very normal, without any signs of labor. So, lets hope we get another full nights sleep. Her temp was 99.8, so we'll see if it drops any lower tomorrow. I posted a story on IG of Lexi laying in the livingroom 'talking' away! It's quite comical. Chat again tomorrow. Sleep well...

Monday - 5/27/24

Hello Puppy Families. Still on puppy watch with no definitive signs of labor. I needed to run to Lowes today and took Lexi along for a mini road trip. Number one, she loves to go bye-bye! Number two, we are in that magical window, where an expectant can go into labor or start having puppies without any sign at all. So, it's a 24/7 job! See a new post on Instagram. If you're not already following, and would like to stay up to date with videos and information, give us a 'follow' at OakKnollDoodles. I have to say ... Lexi is definitely getting bigger. Her belly rubs both sides of the doggy door when she goes in and out now. Plus, she isn't as graceful at getting up from a lying position. It'll be any day. She typically lets me know when she starts labor, and you will be the first to know. Happy Monday...Hope you had a memorable day paying tribute to those who, so bravely, have defended our Country. Have a good night...

Tuesday - 5/28/24

Hello Puppy families and friends. Just wanted to hop on and let you all know that Lexi is definitely in early labor. She is heavily panting and digging at her bed. I'll post a mini video on IG for you to see our sweet girl and the area she is going to have her puppies in. I've got all my implements ready and easily accessible...her calcium, scale, puppy charts, nose sucker, wash cloths, sanitized scissors, thread to tie off the umbilical cord if need be, colored collars, trash can, etc. I will be in her whelping box helping her every step of the way...and once she is done having her puppies, she is only 6' from my bed. Wish us luck...Once she starts having her puppies, it is easily a 6-8 hour process. Here's to a successful delivery. If I have a minute between puppies, I will let you know what colors and genders she has. Hugs...

Wednesday - 5/29/24

6:00am Good Morning Puppy families. No puppies yet. Lexi labored ALL night long, which isn't unusual for her. She has been known to labor 30 hours before starting to push. For some reason I thought this time might be different...wishful thinking. I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as she starts pushing, and then update intermittently when she's having them, if I can see she's taking a break. And yes, I got about 6 hours interrupted sleep, and I'm grateful for getting at least that many hours. Fingers crossed for an uneventful delivery.

1:10 pm No puppies yet. Looks like it's going to be another long labor. Will update again later today.

11:35pm Lexi has had 6 puppies. She is going about an hour to an hour and a half in between puppies. So far, we have 2 Tri Females, 2 Tri Males, 2 Tri Merle Females. I will quickly post a video on IG of the 6 puppies so far. Chat tomorrow with the final head count.

Thursday - 5/30/24

3:30 am Lexi finished having puppies around 2:00 am, and we have a grand total of 8 puppies. I think there are 4 males and 4 females. I will double check tomorrow. Here's to some much needed Zzzzzz's.

Hello Puppy Families. I hope you've all seen the reel on IG of the puppies. Your puppies are one day old! I a thrilled with this litter. 4 males and 4 females. Let me give you the breakdown... Females: 2 Tri, 2 Tri Merle. Males: 3 Tri, 1 Tri Merle

I'll be going over the wait list tomorrow and start chatting with each of you individually. Puppy selection starts at 5 weeks of age. Sometimes, families will choose sooner based on gender and color. Today, the puppies had their dewclaws removed. Poor babies...I hate doing it, but it's much better for them in the long run. It takes about 10 minutes for them to settle down after the procedure, and then you'd never know anything was done. The best part...Lexi doesn't even notice, therefore leaving the removal site alone. Each puppy has their own NeoNatal chart. You will receive a copy of your chart in your Puppy Packet on the day they go home. Time for me to weigh the puppies and tend to momma. I'll chat with you again tomorrow. Hoping to get more than 3.5 hours sleep tonight. Night...

Friday - 5/31/24

Good Morning Puppy Families! We had a great night! Slept well, with only few interruptions to let Lexi out to potty and to reposition her and the babies. She is more careful at getting in and out of the whelping box than she used to be. This is her 3rd litter, so she's a seasoned pro...knock on wood! Good news...I did the puppies daily weight late last night, and they all have gained 1 ounce +. That's what we are looking for. Daily weights give an indication if something is going on, many times before other symptoms present. I was thinking I'd take individual photos today of the puppies and formerly introduce them, but realistically, tomorrow will be better. I have 2 hair clients today, and tomorrow is wide open. for pictures on Saturday. Hugs to you all...I feel like we are family. It truly is fun to share the puppy adventures with folks who are as interested and excited about their progress as I am. Have a great day!

10:50PM Hello again. Puppies had a great day. They've gained 1.5-2 oz each. Momma Lexi is doing really well also. She sometimes gets mastitis and I've been watching the teet that typically has a problem. If it starts to get hard and feverish, I will start working my magic. I brew a very strong potion of Lavender/Chamomile tea, soak a wash cloth in the tea, place it on the teet and put a warm rice bag in a zip lock bag next to it to create moist heat. I'll do this 3 times a day, religiously, for 30 minutes at a time. I'm not sure how it works, but it was recommend by the Bad Ass Breeder group and they proven to have great information for breeders. The Litter Theme will be revealed and names given to the puppies tomorrow. Watch for more details and pictures on IG. If you aren't on Instagram, let me know and I will update you personally. I hope you have a weekend filled with fun activities and lots of relaxation. Night...

Saturday - 6/1/24

Good Morning Puppy Families. Puppies are thriving. Momma Lexi is starting to get mastitis again so first thing this morning, I started boiling water to make the chamomile/Lavender Tea concoction. I will apply the warm compresses for 30 minutes each time, at least 3 times a day. If she responds like she has in the past, I should start to see improvement by tomorrow. I do have antibiotics if need be, but it's always nice to try this remedy first, as the antibiotics can pass through the milk to the puppies, and I'd like to avoid that if possible. Don't worry about this, as there is a lot that goes into raising a healthy litter, that the public never hears about. I've got this and will keep your wee ones safe. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

4:20pm The puppies have officially been introduced on IG. We are going with the Gilligan's Island Theme. The names are Gilligan, Skipper, The Professor, Thurston Howell III, Ginger, Mary, Ann, Mrs. Howell. It is an exciting time and I feel your anticipation in wondering which puppy you'll be bringing home. The pick order is determined by the order the deposits were made. Sometimes, knowing what the families before you intend to pick, then I can open up a portion of the puppies that will be available when it's your turn to pick. Ie: The first 3 families want, 1) Tri, either female or male 2) female, 3) I knew the Tri Merle Male, Thurston Howell would be available, and let family, pick number 4, reserve him now. The nice thing about this litter and the puppy families, is that the color and gender desired is diverse. So, there is a good chance you'll get the puppy you are looking for. As families pick, I will definitely let you know what is still available. The puppy personalities start to emerge between 4-5 weeks. I will also note what I'm seeing with their personalities, here within the Blog.

9:45PM - Lexi and babies are doing great. Lexi's Mastitis had improved minimally. Tomorrow is another day of dedicated Hot Tea Compresses. It takes 3-5 days to get her over this and then constant monitoring until she's completely weaned the puppies. Weighed puppies tonight and all are gaining nicely. I, also, started their ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation training today. This is a basic training technique, developed by the US Military to improve the performance of their future canines. I'll be doing this from Day 3-16. This is a critical period of development for your puppies. The purpose of this process is to expose them to different sensory experiences during their first few weeks of life. This engages their brain through scents and touch at a time when they cannot see or hear. The scent for today was beef bouillon. I note on each of the puppies charts their response to the stimulation and scent. It's fascinating, to say the least. Also, I noticed their little noses have a few black spots, which is the beginning of their pink noses, they are born with, starting to turn black. Time for a little relaxation...until a puppy squeals or momma Lexi needs to go out to potty. Sleep well my puppy families.

Sunday 6/2/24

Good Morning Puppy Families... Lexi and babies are doing great. Lexi's mastitis is reduced in size by half...yay! I'm still on hot compress duty today and tomorrow, possibly longer, but it's working. A breeder friend of mine, just took her doggy momma to the ER for mastitis. They had to sedate, irrigate and put a drain in. It can be very serious, to the point of surgically removing the teet. So, lets just say I am very grateful this morning for Lexi's progress.

The puppies are doing really well. A couple were wandering around whining last night, for no apparent reason. I finally figured out that Lexi may not have been stimulating them enough to potty, (they won't go on their own when they are this young), and they may have had a tummy ache. I had a conversation with Lexi to remind her of her momma duties, and all is well this morning. I think Lexi was tired and just needed to rest, and neglected cleaning/stimulating the puppies. I have a video of her nursing the puppies last night. I'll post on IG. She can hardly keep her eyes open. Have a great day and I will give another report later this evening.

9:25PM Puppies had a good day and I'm happy to report Lexi's mastitis is about 75% gone. I still need to put the hot compress on her teet one more time tonight for 30 minutes. But, it's working. Plus, she never spiked a fever, which tells me, it was caught early. Thankfully!!! The puppies are into their 2nd day of ENS Training. Some a little more wiggly than others, which I'm noting in their chart. Their scent today was ham. I thought I'd share their birth weights compared to their 4 day old weights. They are all gaining nicely and thriving.

Gilligan: Birth 16.8 oz. - 4 days old 23 oz.

Skipper: Birth 15.8 oz. - 4 days old 24 oz.

Professor: Birth 15.8 oz. - 4 days old 23.6 oz.

Thurston: Birth 15 oz. - 4 days old 22 oz.

Ginger: Birth 15.1 oz. - 4 days old 21 oz.

Mary: Birth 15.2 oz. - 4 days old 22.1 oz.

Ann: Birth 12.3 oz. - 4 days old 17.8 oz.

Mrs. Howell: Birth 13.4 oz. - 4 days old 20.4 oz.

The room is kept between 78-80 degrees consistently. plus they have a heating pad under their water proof blanket which covers the floor in their whelping box. Hope you had a beautiful Sunday doing something that made your heart happy. Sleep tomorrow.

Monday - 6/3/24

Hello Puppy Families. Well, today was uneventful...just the way I like it! Puppies are doing great, eating well, wiggly and full of life. It's funny how fast their little noses start turning black. It's a speckled black and pink combination right now. I'm not sure when they turn completely black, but I will make a point to note the age the transformation is complete with this litter. Momma Lexi is recovering from Mastitis, and is probably 80% better. The puppies scent for their ENS training was bananas. Other than Lexi digging in the whelping box and making the waterproof pad crumpled to the point one puppy was struggling to get out from under the pig rails, where they tuck themselves in continuously, it was a calm day at Oak Knoll Doodles. When the puppy was crying, I excused myself from my hair client to check on them and that was my reminder, as to why I make sure they are supervised and someone is home with them until they are 4 weeks old. I used to think monitoring them constantly until they were 2 weeks old was sufficient, until a breeder friend said she lost a puppy at 4 weeks old from the momma laying on it. THAT is not going to happen during my watch if I can help it. Hence, my up and down throughout the night at least 5-6 times. No kidding...some nights its much more than that. I also sleep with the light on to make sure at any moment I can look over and see the puppies. I can't tell you how many times I count to 8 in a day...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Counting puppies to make sure they are all accounted for and in view. Funny I thought this would be a short, 3 sentence post, but once I start sharing, knowing you're as excited about these babies as I am, it is fun to delve into the details. Hope you had a beautiful Monday and get a good nights sleep tonight. Night...

Tuesday - 6/4/24

Hello Puppy Families. Was a beautiful day at Oak Knoll Doodles!!! Puppies are thriving. Lexi is doing a great job tending to them. Her mastitis is almost gone. Still monitoring and making sure the puppies nurse on that teet regularly. Hopeful we are over the worst of it. It can crop up again, but I'm going to monitor very closely! I showed the puppies to a couple hair clients today. Couldn't hold them yet, but they oohed and awwed over them. They are chubby little chunkers. Still weighing them each day and doing their ENS training. Love the way their little nose sniffs and moves when they smell the scent for the day. It's obvious that it's engaging their brain. They also love being snuggled, held cocooned in my hands. I'll put them up to my face and neck so they get used to the smell and touch of humans. Funny how they get sooooo excited when they put their face to my skin. They think there is a ninny baba somewhere and they are frantically looking for it. They are hungry littles. The puppies did well with their ENS training. Scent today was tangelo. Time for me to go love on the puppies again. Human touch and interaction is so important during this formative time. Had to come back and report, that I just went in to check on them and I was counting to 7. Counted again...7! So I spring into action, feeling behind and under Lexi. Gilligan had tucked himself behind Lexi, under the pig rails, happily sleeping away. AGAIN... I'm grateful for those things. The pig rails literally give the puppies a 3-4" alcove of safety incase they get stuck behind Momma. By the way... The family who is getting Thurston Howell is naming him Baxter Thurston. They will be flying in from Washington to pick him up. Love it!!! If you know your schedule and want to get on the books for your pick up time, either give me a call or text. Puppies are 8 weeks old on July 24th. They can go home as early as July 23rd. Hope you had a great day, and if you are in Southern out and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Sleep well...

Wednesday - 6/5/24

Hello Puppy Families. We had another great day! Momma Lexi is pretty much cleared of Mastitis. I say, pretty much, because, at any time it could resurface. Fingers crossed we are done with it. Puppies are fat and happy. All are vigorous and eating well. It was a whopping 81 degrees in Ramona, CA today, and I almost turned off their heating pad, but decided to leave it on, because there is plenty of room to get off the heating pad if they were warm enough. Funny thing happened when I brought the scent for the ENS training into the room today. The scent was fresh basil. The smell filled the room when I walked in the door. When I got into the whelping box with the puppies, all of the puppies had their noses in the air, noticing the new, very fragrant scent. It reminded me, that their little brains are working hard, processing lots of stimuli in their sheltered environment. This training kick starts their neurological system, helps with problem solving and improves their natural abilities. Time for me to down for the day. I'm grateful for the day, my friendly clients, happy & healthy family, and sweet puppies to love on. Hope your day was productive and that you go to bed tonight with a happy heart. Night...

Thursday - 6/6/24

Hello Puppy families. Lexi and the puppies had another good day. They are growing so fast. I typically pick them up with one hand, but today during their weigh in and ENS training, I almost had to use both hands. I make sure to pick them up slowly when they are young, to not startle them and keep them in their relaxed state, number one, for their benefit and number two, because it makes weighing them easier. They are so precious. After weighing them, I stroke their back 3 times, tap the length of their back, pet their feet, tap their feet, play with their ears and pet their head. I then let them smell my breath to familiarize them with human touch and scent, and then put their nose to my ear so I can hear them breathe and confirm their lungs are clear. Next I hold them upright while solidly supporting their body, then move them to a horizontal position and then upside down. If I do this slowly, they stay completely relaxed if not fall asleep. Lastly, I lay them on a cool surface for 3 seconds. All these activities engage their mind and ability to process new stimuli and it also helps them believe in their ability to process new experiences safely. The scent for the day was shampoo. They LOVED it!!! Their total focus was on processing the smell. A couple even started licking their lips. Well, it was a warm one today and I ended up turning the heating pad down. Hold on...Lexi just got into the bed with the babies. Let me make sure all are accounted for. 4 puppies were behind her, so I moved them in front so they could hunt down the perfect ninny baba. I will post a couple videos of babies tomorrow and hopefully take some pictures or videos of them individually. Night Puppy Families. Hope you sleep well and wake refreshed.

Friday - 6/7/24

Hello Puppy Families. Puppies are doing GReaT!!! Momma Lexi doesn't feel the need to be in with them constantly, so she gets in to feed them, clean them...then out she comes. She is always keeping an eye on them, and how she knows when to get in to feed them again is beyond me? Mother Nature is truly a miracle. The puppies have been 'watching' (we know they aren't watching the tv, but that's what I'm going to call it) Pirates of the Caribbean. for the past 3 days. It is the movie in my DVD player, so I put it on for them to have voices and other sounds in the room. They say their ears don't open until they are 14 days old, but I thought they may feel the vibration of sound, and a movie a day is going to be their norm anyway, so we are starting it early. The scent for ENS training was dog food. They are all still gaining...some, more than 2 ounces a day! I did their week old photo shoot (2 days late) today. For those few pictures I've posted on took an hour and a half to shoot. It's a slow process. I hold the puppies until they are totally relaxed and then try to position them for their shoot. If there is a puppy or two that you are interested in, send me a text and I will forward a few more pictures of that puppy. IG cut off some of the picture after I'd cropped it and added their names. Sending to you directly will give you a better picture. Time for me to relax. It's been a busy day. Tomorrow and Sunday I will solely be wearing my Doggy Momma Hat. No trading on and off with my Hairdressing Hat. Feel like that is going to make for a very easy day. Hope you have a fun day planned tomorrow. Sleep well my dear puppy families. Night...

Saturday - 6/8/24

Hello Puppy Families! Babies had another great day! Their ENS scent was cinnamon. Some turned their head away from the cinnamon, but all definitely noticed the new, pungent smell. Plus, I trimmed 64 puppy toe nails today. They are tiny, but sharp! It's good for them to get used to this part of their grooming, plus, their eyes will be opening soon, and I didn't want them scratching each other as they fight for a ninny baba. The puppies movie was the Man in the Iron Mask. I've seen it before, but the bits and pieces I watched today, made me think I may watch it in it's entirety tonight. I know getting ready for a puppy is not something we do everyday. I've created a list on Amazon that I'm happy to share if you'd like some suggestions. Please send a text or call if you'd like the link or with specific questions. I'm always happy to talk puppy! I'm here to help make this process easier. There are a few items that I consider must haves. The EpiOtic Ear Wash is necessary after each bath, swimming or anytime your puppy gets his head wet. It dries out the ear canal and helps immensely in keeping your fur baby from getting ear infections. Ear powder, Waterpik pet wand for washing your puppy in the tub, Midwest 36" or 42" iCrate 2 doors w a divider, stainless steel bowl that screws to the inside of the crate, an 8 panel - 40" high doggy playpen, and potty trays if you want to continue the type potty training they were initially introduced to. Starting potty training outside right away once you get them home, works just as well. By the way, I do not get paid from Amazon for recommending these items, it's just brands that I've found to be useful and are good quality. Time for me to relax...if the littles let me. :) Hope you enjoyed the day! I am going to go to sleep with a grateful heart. Everyday the puppies have done well, are thriving and progressing, brings a feeling of joy that is unexplainable to anyone other than to another dog lover. Sleep well and know that your puppy is being watched over while you rest.

Day 11 - Sunday - 6/9/24

Good Morning Puppy Families. I just got a great question from on of our families. She'd like to know the birth order. In case any other's are interested, let me post it here.

  1. Ginger

  2. Skipper

  3. Mary

  4. Mrs. Howell

  5. The Professor

  6. Ann

  7. Gilligan

  8. Thurston The births started at 4:30pm on May 29th and finished at 12:55am

I'll write more later today. Enjoy your Sunday!

9:05pm Hello again... Puppies had a good day. Had one puppy family call for input regarding their crate, puppy playpen sizing, potty trays, etc. Trying to have everything ready for puppies arrival. It'll be here before you know it! We even facetimed so she and her husband could see their little Mrs Howell. Remember how Thurston Howell called her 'Lovey'. I'd forgotten that until a friend reminded me. Well, Mrs Howell's new name is going to be Lacey. Very close to Lovey. Thurston's new family is going to name him Baxter. :) The puppies did really well with their 'schooling' during their ENS training. Their scent was pumpkin pie. They really liked it...most leaned in and a couple licked their lips. They are becoming very snuggly after they settle into my arms or on my lap, while being held. It takes them a couple minutes, because their first instinct is to look for a ninny baba! Haha! They watched Maid of Honor today. I'm fully expecting their little eyes to start opening any day. Last litter, we had one girl that had green/hazel eyes and one had a smidgen of blue in one eye. So, you never know. We usually have to wait until they are about 4 weeks old before you can definitely tell eye color. These little's will be walking soon. Thought one was up on all fours today. Keeping an eye out. Hope your Sunday was exactly what you hoped it to be. Sleep well dear families. Chat again tomorrow. Hugs...

Day 12 - Monday - 6/10/24

Good evening Puppy Families. Happy to report the puppies had another exceptional day. And.....their eyes are starting to open!!! They are standing, still a little wobbly, but standing. They have almost tripled in size! All signs that they are thriving and progressing nicely. Their ENS scent was cheddar cheese. They are all getting more comfortable with the upright, laying flat and upside down positions. I hold them snuggly, supporting their whole body, and s-l-o-w-l-y move them into these positions. Most of them are getting great marks routinely. If you are following Oak Knoll Doodles on IG, I just posted a video of Shiloh's ultrasound. She is a Lexi/Nash daughter from her first litter, and is due to have puppies on July 8th +/-. It was my first time doing an ultrasound on my own. I was lucky enough to capture the puppy moving in the sac. Mother Nature is AMAZING! It's hard to believe that gestation in dogs in only 63 days. 9 weeks! Go check it out. Hope you had a great Monday and that it was a good start to your week. Sleep well and I will chat with you tomorrow. Remember...feel free to contact me with any questions as you prepare for your new puppy. It's never a bother... Night

Day 13 - Tuesday - 6/11/24

Hello Puppy Families. Babies are doing great today! Growing like little weeds! They are officially walking. Wobbly and lose their balance often, but are getting their belly off the ground and on all fours. Another cute notable change today, they are putting their front feet up on the protective pig railing...and I saw 2 puppies sleeping with their head propped on the pig railing. I didn't have my phone with me, or I would have taken a picture. They all love to sleep, tucked in and under the railing. Pretty soon they will be too portly to do so, and start getting stuck and have to wiggle their way out. At about 3-3.5 weeks old, they will start on puppy mush and potty training. Once the potty trays go into their area, the whelping box and pig rails are removed. I'm still keeping the room at 79-81 degrees. This goes on until they are 3 weeks old, and can maintain their body temperature, I slowly start introducing them to lower temperatures. The puppies with be getting their first deworming treatment tomorrow. I will give them Pyrantel Pamoate. This will all be detailed in your vaccine record. I had a good question today from a puppy family, regarding collars and leashes. In the puppies Go Home, care package, I will provide a collar and 6' matching leash from Lupine. Lupine makes quality products and offers a life time guarantee, even against chewing. You don't need a receipt, just contact the company and mail in 2 pictures of the damage area, and they will replace it for free. You will also receive a blanket with Lexi's scent on it, a collapsible bowl, toy, and brush. I am starting the puppies on PawTree food. I'll get you the information to order your puppies food ahead of time to you, to make sure you are ready for him/her to come home. The puppies watched Nanny McPhee today and their scent was ketchup. Time for me to relax and get some sleep. Nice chatting with you all this evening. Hope you get a good nights sleep. Zzzzzz...

Day 14 - Wednesday - 6/12/24

Hello Puppy Families. Puppies are doing great! It's amazing how they start walking to truly toddling around. Still wobbly, but significantly improved from yesterday. Ann's eyes are all the way open. 1/2 the puppies are almost all the way open, and a few still are just beginning the process. This too moves along quickly. Most will be all the way open by tomorrow. Plus, you can visibly see their ear canal is opening too. I played 2 movies for them today. A Disney movie, Freaky Friday and Bride Wars. Both are comedies and light hearted. I start with fun movies, not much variation in the volume, ie: no war scenes, no drama or yelling, no gun shots, etc. As they get older, their movies will include some action movies and drama movies. No scary movies. I don't want them to be exposed to anything other than middle of the road sounds and emotional experiences. Dogs really do take on the emotion around them. Their ENS scent was pear. It's fun knowing that while I'm handling them, they, for the first time are seeing a human. Adding that element to the training. Puppies were dewormed for the first time today. The medicine, Pyrantel Pamoate tastes sweet. They were licking their chops and each other afterward. Plus, these babies are getting so big. Let me give you their 2 week weight.

Gilligan 2.9#

Skipper 3#

Professor 2.8#

Thurston 2.6#

Ginger 2.9#

Mary 2.7#

Ann 2.4#

Mrs Howell 2.6#

Typically breeders stop taking daily weights at 14 days old. Because lack of gaining, or losing weight is a big indicator there is a problem, I will be taking their weight every other day for the next week, then at 3 weeks, I'll start taking weights once a week. I've already had a puppy family bring up what kind of food the puppies will be eating when they go home, so they can order in advance and be prepared. The puppies will be on PawTree. It's a superior food developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists. It's holistic and natural w added vitamins and minerals. There is no poultry or poultry by products in these 2 formulas, which is particularly important with Bernedoodles, due to the fact that poultry is a common allergy to Bernese Mountain Dogs. It's a dense food and creates firmer, less smelly stools, which is a plus! I mix equal parts of 2 different recipes. 1) Real Lamb, Chickpeas & Lentils 2) Real White Fish and Brown Rice. My reasoning, and that of other breeders, is that they get both a grainfree formula and a formula with grain. There is some controversy regarding whether, feeding solely grainfree will cause problems later in life. So by adding the White Fish and Br Rice, the puppies actually get a very balanced diet. I know some of you would like to switch to another food, and some families would like to continue feeding PawTree. There are many quality dog food companies out there, but may I suggest keeping your puppy on Pawtree for 1-3 months, and transition him gradually to the new food, so as to not upset their tummies. Pawtree cannot be purchased in stores, so order at least 2 weeks ahead of time to allow your order process and for delivery. To purchase the food, go to There is a special going on right now. Code INTRO4U10 gives you 10% off for orders under $100. INTRO4U20 gives you 20% off on orders over $100, and orders over $150 receive 20% off, free shipping and a Free gift. Once you log in, you will see my picture in the top left corner. You will see my recommendations and it will make shopping easier. I know it's a lot of information. Please call me if you have any questions or need help navigating their website. Hope you had a good Wednesday, sleep well and we will chat again tomorrow. Night...

Day 15 - Thursday - 6/13/24

Hello Puppy Families! The kids had another great day! They did well with their ENS training. Their scent was honey. Tomorrow is their last day for ENS. My girlfriend, her daughter and granddaughter came over for a haircut and stayed to hold puppies. The babies pretty much slept the whole time they were being held. Lexi is at the point where she is not freaking out when I take a puppy out of the room. It's a good time for puppy families to come visit. Please text with your schedule and we will find a time for you to meet the Littles. Since the puppies are unvaccinated, I ask/require all family members to wear clean clothes, that haven't been exposed to ANY other pets. I will have you take your shoes off, or step in bleach water with your shoes on, or wear booties when entering the house, and wash your hands thoroughly before holding the puppies. So let me know if you'd like to schedule a visit. The puppies eyes are open. I always wonder what they think when they finally see this giant figure holding them...especially when I hold them right up to my face? They learn to love me as another mother along with Lexi, so it must not be too scary. They all did really well with the deworming yesterday. I'd dewormed Lexi twice before breeding her as a precaution. The puppies are watching SeaBiscuit as we speak. I'm writing fast, so I can watch it with them. haha! Hope all of you had a wonderful day and that something extra good happened to make you smile. Take care...sleep well. Chat tomorrow.

Day 16 - Friday - 6/14/24

Hi Puppy Families. Happy Friday! Puppies are gaining! Roly-Poly as ever! They are sitting up. Walking fairly confidently. Almost playing. I was watching one puppy batting at the air. I bet within a couple days, they will be playing and interacting with each other. We have one puppy family coming to see the puppies tomorrow and another doing a face time. I'm happy to set up a time for you to come visit if you would like. Their ENS scent was tuna. They all loved it, reacted to it and tried licking it. Their movie was Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Curt Russel. The Merle puppies always have a chance of getting blue eyes. It isn't obvious until they are about 4 weeks old, but I think a couple have a little blue in their eyes. Sometimes they will wind up with a hazel, green look to their eyes too. It's gorgeous! Fingers crossed. I'm drawing a blank...think I've used up all my words for the day. Hope you have a relaxing evening and something fun planned this weekend! Good night...

Day 17 - Saturday - 6/15/24

Hello Puppy Families. Babies are doing great! And guess what!?! They started interacting with each other today. PLAYING! Still a little wobbly, but actually playing, batting at each other and tumbling around. Sooooo cute. Their movie was Geek Girl on Netflix.I was facetiming with Thurstons family when they started playing. They were able to join in the AWWWWWE moment! Melts your heart!!! The puppies also had visitors in person. Mrs Howell's family. While we were holding puppies and visiting, she brought up a good topic for conversation. She is trying to find a good vet in her area, while chatting with a vet office, was given a 'Package' printout, with prices for all the shots, fecals, deworming, flea and tick meds, etc. May I suggest that you really look over the details of the 'Package'. Here's my input, but please make your own judgement call. You don't need your puppy to be examined at 12 and 16 weeks when they need their additional vaccines. They will have their puppy check up by my vet on Monday July 22, and again by your vet within 3 days of pickup. This is necessary and an important part of the contract, and will void your 2 year guarantee if you do not have the puppy seen within the first 3 days of receiving your new baby. So, please set up your pick up date now and schedule your wellness exam with your vet. Your puppy will receive a Neopar (parvo vaccine) at 6 weeks old, and a DHPP vaccine at 8 weeks old before he/she leaves my house. They will also have been microchipped. I noticed my puppy family's 'Package' included flea and parasite prevention medication to start at 8 weeks. Please, please do not give your puppy any flea and tick preventative meds until they are at least 18 weeks old. They are not going to be on the ground in public until they are fully vaccinated anyway, which will be at 18 weeks old. Please do your research and discuss with your veterinarian, based on where you live, your environment and the exposure your puppy is going to have to other pets in the household, wildlife in your yard, etc. I would rather give less verses more, but in some areas where there is a problem with heartworm, fleas and ticks, these treatments can prevent serious illness. I would definitely run a fecal periodically, and your puppy may need to be treated for parasites. It's all part of having a puppy. They eat anything and everything. I will have treated them 4 times before pick up. Bordatella is another important vaccine. Make sure Lepto is either included in their vaccine at 12 and 16 weeks of age or given separately. Also, do not give Rabies on the same day as other vaccines. It is too much for their little bodies to process all at once. Wait at least 3 weeks from their last vaccine to give the Rabies. I know this is a lot of information. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you to the families that read my blog and enjoy sharing this process with me. Sleep well and I will update you again tomorrow. Night...

Day 18 - Sunday - 6/16/24

Hello Puppy Families. They babies are thriving and starting to develop a little personality. When I sat in their whelping box to weigh them for the second time, (The first time, Lexi thought it was a good idea to get into the whelping box with me and feed the babies. I was trying to pick them up quietly so they would be still while weighing them, which makes it a lot easier...and they all decided it was time to frantically look for a ninny baba and were not having the 'lets be calm and get weighed thing), the puppies were starting to play, bite on my feet and legs. Mary came over to me and was trying to get up into my lap. A couple others were gently biting on each other and pawing at each other. I don't think they really know what they are doing at this point, but in a couple days, they will be bombarding each other in play. Also, one puppy was trying to scratch the side of his cheek with his hind foot. THAT was cute. It's so obvious that from one day to the next, a totally new behavior is present. This is such a fun age!!! And they are still quiet! Their first little yip is adorable...and then pretty soon they are all making noise when they see Lexi, want to eat, want to get out to play, etc. Don't worry, I will keep you up to date on all their cuteness! I didn't do their official ENS training, I finished that at 16 days old, but I still hold them, let them smell my hair, cheek, and fall asleep on my lap while I'm weighing the other babies. They really are precious. I have a puppy family coming to visit Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Saturday. Note: Since the puppies are unvaccinated, it is paramount for us all to do our part in keeping them safe. When you come to visit, please wear clean clothes that have NOT been exposed to any other animals. Once you get to the house, you have the option of stepping in bleach water with your shoes on, to sanitize the souls of your shoes, take your shoes off, or wear protective booties before entering the house. Once inside, I will have you wash your hands, thoroughly, and then we can hold and love on the babies. The puppies will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday. The official Pick Date is July 3, at 5 weeks old. If it's your turn to pick and you definitely know who you want, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, we will be picking the day before the 4th of July. On that note, I wanted to remind you that I will be starting their desensitization training at 4 weeks old. Hearing the vacuum, hair dryer (I'm a hairdresser and I work from home, and it is a rare occasion that my dogs are scared of a blow dryer) fireworks on my phone, etc. I'll note the various activities they are exposed to in the Blog. Their movie today was Wedding Planner. I was watching it with them, but ended up taking a much needed nap. Oh, I want to mention, one of the puppy families had an unforeseen situation develop and need to defer to a future litter. I will be reaching out to a couple families that are on Shiloh's wait list first, then will open up that pick to the public. So, if you've got a friend that also wants a puppy from this litter, keep an eye out, or text and I will let you know availability. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...did something fun, felt loved and celebrated the Father's in your life. Sleep well...

Day 19 - Monday - 6/17/24

Good Evening Puppy Families. Puppies had another good day. All still growing like crazy! I posted a couple videos on IG of the puppies playing and Gilligan making his debut, with a couple little barks. If you cannot log onto IG, please let me know and I will send you the saved videos via text. The puppy's movie is the beginning of the series Reba on Netflix. So, your puppy may have a little southern drawl if they keep listening to Reba for long. :) Puppies will be starting puppy mush in a few days. At 3 weeks old, I will also be taking out their whelping box and adding the potty trays. How this next phase works... Upon waking, I quickly get into the puppy area to put the puppies on the potty trays. I will keep redirecting them until they potty. After about a week...yes, only 1 week, they start to get the idea. By the time they go home, they will be 90% trained to potty on the trays. If you would like to continue using the trays, I can give you the information as to where to buy them. If you would like to start the official potty training and taking them outside to potty, you don't necessarily need the potty trays. Hope you had a productive day and get a good nights sleep. Chat with you again tomorrow. Night...

Day 20 - Tuesday - 6/18/24

Hello Puppy Families. Babies are doing great! All are walking, interacting with each other and are almost ready for the whelping box to be removed. Tomorrow is the big day! After another puppy family comes to visit, I'll change out their area. I'll take a video and post so you can see the changes. I thought I was filming when one of the puppies climbed up onto another puppy and had their head peeking over the top of the white railing in their whelping box. The puppies are just starting to wag their tails, shake their head, scratch an itch, and play growl/bark. I can't believe all these things were so evident today. I've seen Gilligan, Skipper and Ann do at least one of the above behaviors. They grow and change so fast!!! OK, this doesn't have anything to do with Lexi's litter, but Freya, a 5 month old puppy I've been raising and will be a momma for us here at Oak Knoll Doodles once she passes her OFA testing, was just playing with another tooth that she lost. A molar to be exact! A lot of times, I think they just swallow them or they get lost. But, I have 2 eye teeth and 3 molars that I've saved from Freya or her brother. Watch for your puppies baby teeth to start falling out at 4 months. It's a welcome change, because their adult teeth aren't nearly as sharp!!! And remind me during a visit or at pick up to share with you what I suggest doing to keep them from jumping and biting. Yes, you can train them at a young age to refrain from these two annoying behaviors. Time for me to take my banana, oat meal, butterscotch chip cookies out of the oven. They are the easiest 3 ingredient cookies you'll ever make, and delicious. But I will say, they are the best right out of the oven. The next day, they are like little hockey pucks. haha. Hope your week is going well and that you had some down time tonight after you got home. Sleep well...Night

Day 21 - Wednesday - 6/19/24 - 3 weeks old

Hi Puppy Families! Puppies had visitors again today. One of our puppy families came to hold the puppies and get a feel for who they might pick when it is their turn. :) Another family is coming to meet the puppies tomorrow. So fun introducing the babies to families who are anxiously awaiting for the day they get to take them home! The puppies are 3 weeks old today. Gently playing, tumbling around with each other. Their play is going to escalate real soon. Their movie is a series on Netflix called Free Rein. Episode 5 is playing as we speak. Having voices in the background, helps them acclimate to the sounds of a busy household. I think that's all I have to share for the day. Hope you enjoyed the day and get a good nights sleep. Night...

Day 22 - Thursday - 6/20/24

Good morning Puppy Families. Just a quick update. I weighed the puppies for their 3 week weights, and they are becoming very interactive. Biting at my pants, licking my feet and clothing, coming over to me for attention, and peeking their head out of the whelping box. I said this yesterday, but today is the day to take the whelping box out, and put in their potty trays. They are squatting & going potty on their own and momma doesn't need to stimulate them to go now. She instinctively still cleans up after them, but at least they can go on their own. Sometimes they would cry, and I'd put them up to momma to lick their private parts to make them go to the bathroom. Voila, no more crying. They can get a tummy ache when they need to pee or poo and momma hasn't stimulated them frequently enough.

Here's the puppies weights:

Gilligan - 4 lbs

Skipper - 4.2 lbs

The Professor - 3.7 lbs

Thurston Howell III - 3.8 lbs

Ginger - 4 lbs

Mary - 3.9 lbs

Ann - 3.5 lbs

Mrs Howell - 3.6 lbs

I can't say for sure, but this is my guess regarding blue eyes.

Ann - 2 blue eyes

Mrs Howell - L eye blue, R eye brown

Thurston - 2 blue eyes

I will know for sure once they reach 4 weeks old. I thought The Professor may have blue eyes as well, but I don't think so, compared to the merles who definitely are blue.


The babies had visitors today. One of the puppy families came to meet the puppies. It's so nice to finally meet you all. Meeting the puppies like this is helpful for the folks that are waiting their turn to pick, because, they typically can tell me over the phone who they want, after the families before them complete their pick process. I have to tell you, I had an ah-ha moment today as a puppy momma. Both yesterday and today, a couple puppies became unsettled around 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon and kept wandering aimlessly, couldn't get comfortable and were crying. I held the one that was crying yesterday to settle him down, and tried that again today. Then it dawned on me...The room was too warm. I'm so used to the bedroom needing to be 78-80 degrees, out of necessity for the puppies, that I didn't notice that the temp had gone up to 84 degrees. I immediately turned the AC on and held them in the coolest room in the house for about 10 minutes, and they settled down. I put them back in their bed, and they went right to sleep. Note to self, at a young age, puppies window of comfort is between 78-81 degrees. I won't make that mistake again! :) By the time they go home at 8 weeks, their little bodies regulate their internal temperature much better than when they are so young. Movie...They watched Tom & Jerry cartoons today. Light hearted comedy. Hope you all had a wonderfully productive or relaxing day...whatever was most beneficial for you! My day was amazing! Know, I will be watching over your babies as you sleep. We'll chat again tomorrow. Night...

Oh...I have a question. Are of you are familiar with Blogging? I have a simple question you might be able to help me with. I'm wondering... should I be editing the same blog for 8 weeks to update puppy families, or should I start a new post each time. The pros and cons? Please text me at 760-505-9309 if you have some input. Thanks

Day 23 - Friday - 6/21/24

Hello Puppy Families! Puppies are doing great! I posted puppy picture on IG. I took the puppies 3+ week pictures this afternoon. If I could keep them in their sleepy state, getting a good shot was easy. A couple babies, got a little squirmy, but we (the puppy and myself) managed to get a presentable photo anyway. If you'd like any of the pictures text to you directly, just let me know. There is evidence that a puppy or two have gotten up on the potty trays and used them by themselves. Yay! I'm starting to put them onto the tray as soon as they wake up, to help them have a successful moment. I'll keep you posted. I got a question from one of the puppy families as to what size stainless steel bowls to buy, that attach to the inside of the crate. These are the sizes that I use, and I'm offering it as a guideline. Of course, if you need these type bowls, feel free to buy whatever size will work for you. Water Bowl - 7" diameter, 4" high. Food Bowl - 5.5" diameter, 2.5" high. The puppies movie was 'Anne with an E'. It's a series and period piece, and I've watched it in its entirety. Thought it would be mellow enough for the puppies at this age. Hope you had a great day and have something fun to look forward to this weekend! Sleep well...Night

Day 24 - Saturday - 6/22/24

Hello Puppy Families. The kids are doing great and had visitors today. Families are coming over to meet the puppies, getting to know a few that may be available once it's their turn to pick, and helping with their socialization exposure. We have some picking going on. 1st pick chose Gilligan. The next in line to pick chose Ginger. The next family chose Ann. One family deferred. And we have one more family that will be selecting soon. There are 2 puppies that are available in the litter. Not sure which 2, until the last family chooses. If you have any questions as you prepare for your puppy, shoot me a text. If I don't have the answer, I'll help you find one. The puppies are doing well at becoming accustomed to the potty trays. A few have gotten up on their own to potty. As soon as they wake up, I hop into their area to put them onto the trays...over and over, because they are trying to wander off. But within 5-7 days, they will definitely start going on the trays more that now. The puppies are starting to play. Thurston, pounced onto my feet when I stepped in this morning. So cute!!! I will be starting them on puppy mush in the morning. I was going to start tonight, but want to watch them for a couple hours afterward to make sure they have chewed the food well and show them were water is. So a couple major introductions for them tomorrow. Stay tuned...Sleep well! Night...

Day 25 - Sunday - 6/23/24

Hello Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great. They are still acquainting themselves with the potty trays. But they are trying. Every now and them I see one of them up there doing their business. So exciting! They are charging each other in play. Biting and pawing at each other. Their movie for the day was Gifted Hands on Netflix. I've got 2 puppies available in this litter, if you know of anyone who has been looking for a Bernedoodle. I will start posting in the next day or so. Hope you had a relaxing Sunday and were able to stay cool. It feels so hot up here, even though the temperature says it's only in the low 90's. Chat again tomorrow.

Day 26 - Monday - 6/24/24

Hello Puppy Families! Kids are thriving! They are starting to routinely play with each other, bite each other's ears and tail, tumble around, play growl and bark, bite at my feet (and YES their teeth are just starting to come in. I was doing a semi jig when in their pen putting them onto the potty trays. Some of them are getting onto the potty trays on their own. So proud of them! They have been introduced to puppy mush. Some litters turn their nose up to the mush (which is their puppy food, soaked in water until soft and blended to a little thicker consistency than pancake batter), but these guys definitely showed interest and ate half the bowl. Mrs. Howell's mom came to visit today. They had a 45 min-1 hour bonding session. I know it's impossible for some of you to come visit to bond with your baby. Myself and other puppy families take turns holding the puppies, which gives them the socialization skills that are so important to their interaction with humans and other pets. Their movie was Nanny McPhee. Time for me to relax a little. Hope you had a beautiful Monday, and a great beginning to your week. Sleep well...Night

Day 27 - Tuesday - 6/25/24

Hello Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great, fantastic to be exact! They are still figuring out the potty trays, and enjoying their puppy mush. I am feeding them twice a day for 3-4 days to let their system get used to something new. Then it will be 3 times a day. In about a week, I will barely be blending the moisten food and let them start picking up the hydrated kibble, giving them something to chew on. They actually seem to like it better that way, but we aren't at that point yet. By the time they go home, they will be on dry kibble only. You can still moisten the kibble with water, if you find that encourages them to eat better. They are definitely making little barking sounds. I actually think they surprise themselves when that big sound comes out of their little bodies. They are becoming experts at nursing from a momma that stands. Lexi eventually lays down, but always starts either sitting and now standing. Tomorrow they will be 4 weeks old. If you think about 2 weeks we will start the weaning process. It goes by so fast!!! To the puppy families who have chosen their puppy, and have paid the first half of the deposit, the second half, $250, is now due. Please contact me if you have any questions. Your full deposit goes toward the total purchase price of the puppy. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way in preparing for your new puppy. I hope you all had a good day and are relaxing this evening. Sleep well...Night.

Day 29 - Thursday - 6/27/24

Good Morning Puppy Families. I'm sorry for missing our Blog session last night. I went into my website to create a blog and got an error message saying 'We couldn't load this section'. No Bueno! Then this morning, I tried again and got another error message saying, 'We looked everywhere for this page (error 401). I logged out/in again. Voila...There is the Blog. I was thinking that my Blog section had been mistakenly deleted. Puppies are doing great! They were exactly 4 weeks old yesterday. (I should have gotten weights, but will be doing that this morning and will post again later). Eating like little Puppy Mush Monsters. So happy to see them thriving. I was able to Facetime with Thurston's pawrents last night. So fun to see the excitement and help in the bonding process when families live out of state. The puppies are surprisingly figuring out the potty trays particularly fast. Happy days for me!!! They get right up there on their own, the majority of the time, to do their business. Hear little grunting sounds when they are trying to poo. Eating real food, takes a little time for their systems to learn to digest in a different manner. Hence, only feeding twice a day for a few days, then we will go to 3 times a day. They now have a water bowl. Fun to see them lap up water for the first time. So instinctively. They knew exactly what to do. I place the water bowl a little higher than you would expect, otherwise it becomes a little swimming pool and they splash and play in it til their bedding is soaked. I am still sleeping in the room with them. Soon to be in the guest bedroom. But they pretty much sleep through the night, waking 1-2 times for Lexi to feed them. And, they aren't crying for her, Lexi knows when to feed. I wake up, let her in with the babies, fall back to sleep, 15-20 minutes later, Lexi is telling me she if ready to get out. She does a little/quiet growl bark thing. We have out own language, as you will too with your puppy. I'm hoping they get that from the Berner side. I love it. Lexi will tell me when she's hungry, has to potty, wants a hug, needs water, wants to visit my hair clients (Yes, she thinks being in the Salon all day is her job), etc. Love her...and I love the combination of her DNA combined with Levi's. Never thought I was poodle person, I LOVE my little Merle Poodle Boy. He is the Sweetest dog ever. These puppies will have amazing personalities as did the previous Lexi/Levi litter!!! Time for me to get my day started. Maria, my neighbor, 2 doors down, comes over to help me in the mornings once the puppies turn 3 weeks old. She is such a blessing. I need to get a picture of her and post it on my website, under associates. Love you all! Hope you have a beautiful day and will chat again later. Hugs...

Day 30 - Thursday - 6/27/24

Good Evening Puppy Families. Your babies are doing great! They got their 4 week weigh in, a day late, but close enough. They are eating their puppy mush with vigor and pretty much clear the plate. Takes them awhile, but they come back to it a couple times. I leave the plate/bowl in their area for about 15-20 minutes. Their little poos are looking great! Will be doing a fecal around 6 weeks. The one thing they are doing, and it happened almost overnight is rough housing. They play and then will grab onto their sibling, with all their might, and make the other puppy cry. I know they don't know that they are hurting the other puppy, but it is so sad. I'll quickly get into the pen and separate the puppies. They all do this. It's common and normal...but I still feel bad when one of them cries. Their movie had been a continuation of the series Reba. It's got people voices without a lot of drama. The puppies are going to start Firework desensitization tomorrow. I go to Youtube and grab a recording of fireworks and play it at a fairly low volume, working my way up over a few days. This is something I recommend doing periodically. When they come home, continue your normal house hold functions, noise and all. They need help and comfort with some noises, by either moving the noise away from them, or turning it down if it creates anxiety. But that's an indicator to make sure they are exposed little by little until they don't react. That's my 2 cents for the night. Call me if you have any questions. If I don't have the answer, we can call my Vet/your Vet for input. By the way, if I forget to answer one of your questions, it's truly an oversight. Please send me another message. I welcome reminders and back seat drivers. HAHA Ok, let me give you their 4 week weights.

Gilligan - 5.08 lbs

Skipper - 5.4 lbs

The Professor - 5 lbs

Thurston Howel III - 5 lbs

Ginger - 4.9 lbs

Mary 4.53 lbs

Ann - 4.4 lbs

Mrs Howell - 4.7 lbs

Sleep well dear families. We'll chat again tomorrow. Night

Day 31 - Friday - 6/28/24

Hello Puppy Families and Happy Friday! Your kiddos are doing great! Mrs. Howell's family came to visit. Always nice to share in the excitement with you all. Another family is coming on Sunday. Your puppies are getting lots of attention and interaction. They are also eating well. Twice a day still. I have a funny story! Gunnar and Freya have their crates in the bedroom with the puppies. When Gunnar and Freya are playing or outside, I shut the door to the crate, because Lexi will steal all their food (they are free fed). I thought I was loosing my marbles. Twice, I would find Freya's door open and her food bowl empty. Twice!!! I soon realized, Lexi has figured out how to unlock the crate door from the outside. Smarty Pants! Now I'm locking the top and bottom latches. Sooooo... all this to say, if your puppy is smart, can figure out locks, knobs, latches, she/he comes by it naturally! HaHa! The puppies had another round of dewormer today. Their movie has been the series Reba on Netflix. I have the volume up fairly loud now. They don't even notice. Started Fireworks Noise Desensitization for the puppies on Youtube. The volume on my phone is 2/3 of the way up. They aren't even paying attention to it. I will let it play for 5 minutes or so...gradually working our way up to 10 minutes +/-. I strongly encourage you to continue this type of desensitization once they are home, about 3 times a week. I live in the country, so I'm not close to the fireworks, but if you live close to fireworks, or were to go watch the fireworks with your puppy/dog, it's nice to know they will feel calm and it won't bring on any type of panic. I can't guarantee anything, but it truly helps! I'm going to set up the play area in the Salon in my house and start letting them go to recess. I've got to bleach and sanitize the slide and a couple other toys tomorrow morning, then they will go to recess later in the day. I'll take videos and post on IG. Cathy, I'll text yours to you. Hope you had a good week. Enjoy your weekend...I'll chat with you again tomorrow. Good Night...

Day 32 - Saturday - 6/29/24

Good Morning Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great throughout the night. They wake to feed once or twice between 11:00pm-5:30am. I thought I'd start their day with Saturday morning cartoons. They are watching Land Before Time from 1988. Wow, doesn't seem like that movie came out that long ago. My kids were young at the time and watched that movie over and OVER! Think I could lip sync some of the lines, they'd watched it that often! Anyway, the puppies are enjoying their morning, their food is soaking and we are happy to welcome in a new day. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs... I'll write more this evening.

10:18pm The kids had a good day. They are experts in nursing while Lexi is standing now. They are using the potty trays probably 60% of the time, and that is a huge success! Yay...proud momma here. Hope you had a good day! Tired human mom here. Sleep well...Night.

Day 33 - Sunday - 6/30/24

Hello Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great and had visitors today! A puppy family, jer grown kids and their spouses came to visit. Lots of laps for the puppies to sit on. It was a nice...great bonding session and good socialization for the puppies. I'll post some pics on IG. Puppies were exposed to the sound of fireworks again today. It's an important part of the desensitization process. It dawned on me, that my other dogs that are in the room are benefiting from these random sounds too. They also watched a drama type movie late afternoon on Netflix called Lift. I actually enjoyed it too. There were some loud noises plus i had the volume a little louder than normal, which is great exposure. They sleep through a lot of these different scenarios, which is fine too. I have to say, when I get into their area to clean in the morning, they are very interactive and playful. Lets just say their teeth are very sharp now. They are sound asleep and Lexi will let me know when it's time to feed them. Hope you've had a good weekend! Sleep well and I hope you wake in the morning with the 'I get to' mind set. Night...

Day 34 - Monday - 7/1/24

Hello Puppy Families. Funny, as I sit here, ready to share the days events, one of the puppies is having a dream and making almost little barking noises. Sooooo cute! They sleep in the funniest positions. They sleep on top of the potty grates. They sleep in the corner with their nose and feet through the fencing. The Professor was asleep on the grate with his head completely hanging off the grate and onto the waterproof blanket that covers their area. They take turns lying under the water bowl. For some reason they like to be snuggled under something. I was trying to think of a way to make a low table so they could get up on top, because they like to climb, yet snuggle underneath. I'm going to give it some thought. Has to be chew proof. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Oh my goodness, they will be 5 weeks old in 2 days. It's hard to believe! The puppies watched the beginning of the series The Cook of Castamar, on Netflix. It is in Spanish. Another lesson in their second language. :) We had another visitor. My friend who bought BamBam from Lexi's first litter came over with her husband for a haircut. While I was cutting her husbands hair, Joyce was holding The Professor and Mary. It's great socialization! Time for me to hit the hay. Sleep well Puppy families! Night...

Day 35 - Tuesday - 7/2/24

Good evening Puppy Families! I hope your week is going well! The puppies are thriving. Doing wonderfully. They are using the potty trays 60%+ of the time. The Skipper just went to the tray to potty, got 3 out of his 4 feet onto the trays, and happily did his business! Good Boy!!! They really are sweet puppies! Not all litters are created equal! They are getting up on their hind legs to greet or beg at their fencing. They are sleeping by themselves at night. Lexi is in the room, and will let me know she wants to feed a couple times a night, but in general the puppies keep each other company. Their movie was Race on Netflix. It's about Jesse Owens and the 4 gold medals he won at the 1936 Olympics. I played fireworks for them from YouTube again today. A little louder this time, actually the volume was as loud as it can go on my phone. They looked up from what they were doing, glanced in the direction of the sound, and then ultimately laid back down. I'm playing the sound, but in real life, depending how close you are, they may feel the boom of the fireworks. Ideally, it's best to keep your dog indoors, at home during fireworks. If you are taking your dog out, I would recommend a martingale collar or a VERY fitted harness. Dogs will bolt when frightened, and you never know when or what may scare them. FYI...I live far enough from any fireworks, and will be home with the babies, playing one of their movies during the Fireworks. Tomorrow is their 5 week birthday. I'll try and get some picture for your all. I'll post on IG. Night everyone! I hope you sleep well and wake rested.

Day 36 - Wednesday - 7/3/24

Good evening Puppy Families! The kiddos are doing fantastic! They are exactly 5 weeks old today! Three more weeks and these Littles will be joining your families. I've had questions from several families while preparing for the baby. Feel free to text me if you need help getting your area ready. If you haven't purchased their PawTree food for go home day, please think about doing so in the near future. It takes 7-10 days for delivery. Please refer to Day 14 Post for detailed information re the food they are eating and should continue once they go home. All puppies are growing, eating well and developing right on schedule. They had visitors today. Mrs. Howell's family came to visit and we took turns holding these sweet little ones. They pretty much fall right to sleep once in someone's lap and relish the calm, touch from their hoomans. This is an important part of their development! They also had a photoshoot today. I've posted on IG. If you'd like any of the pictures text to you directly, just let me know. Puppies had a mini mani/pedi today, with toe nail trims. Their movie was the continuation of The Cook of Castamar on Netflix. Also, it was weigh in day. :) Let me share their weights.

Gilligan - 6.2 lbs

Skipper - 6.4 lbs

Professor - 6 lbs

Thurston - 6 lbs

Ginger - 5.8 lbs

Mary - 5.1 lbs

Ann - 5.2 lbs

Mrs Howell - 5.5 lbs

Mary seems to be the smallest by only 0.1 lb this week. Hope you all get a good nights sleep and are looking forward to the 4th of July tomorrow. Night...

Day 37 - Thursday - 7/4/24

Happy 4th of July Puppy Families. The puppies are doing great, eating well and went to recess today. They got to show off for one of our puppy families, Ginger's pawrents. They actually were fairly docile, but they are learning and experiencing new things, including their play area. They were very curious about the slide, and a few of them made their way to the top. King of the hill!!! I posted a video on IG. The puppies movie was Ugly Betty. I increased the volume when the fireworks were going off. I hadn't paid much attention to the sound of the fireworks from my house. Note to self...we can hear and feel the boom. The babies were fine with it...although, Freya and Gunnar got a little nervous, but everyone else remained calm. I made a point to keep my older dogs inside and didn't even let them outside for a potty break during the fireworks. I guess the 4th of July is one of the worst days for run away dogs. It's our job to keep our dogs safe. Keeping them at home assures you that they will not bolt out of fear. We have a puppy family coming to visit the kids again tomorrow. Once they pick their puppy, we will know which 2 are still available. Thank you to the planners for ordering your puppy's food.

Day 38 - Friday - 7/5/24

Hello Puppy Families. Happy Friday! The puppies are doing great! They handled the fireworks, no problem. I will still play fireworks for them a few times a week until they go home. We had visitors today...a puppy family came over to pick their puppy. The Skipper was chosen. Congrats!!! The puppies are going to recess every day now. The first day, they weren't too sure of the new area. Today, they were more comfortable and played for quite awhile, then they all fell asleep. So fun!!!! The puppies are still eating the dry food, moistened in water, and blended. Soon, I will just moisten the food without blending, and ultimately, they will be on dry kibble by the time they go home. Their movie was ... Ummmm...drawing a blank. It's on the tip of my tongue. Sheldon. Hold's coming to me. Sheldon as a child. Let me google it. Thank you google. "Young Sheldon". Uh huh...that's how my brain works...haha!!! Charades for one! FYI I've got Mary on my lap as I'm blogging. She is a good helper...licking my arm the whole time. Mary and The Professor are still available. If any of you know of someone wanting an adorable Bernedoodle, send them my way. :) Time to hit the hat. Sleep well puppy families. Zzzzz...

Day 40 - Sunday - 7/7/24

Hello Puppy Families. I see some of you noticed I didn't post about our beautiful puppies yesterday. Shiloh decided to start having puppies at 7:00pm and finished at 1:00am. Sorry to miss our little chat. The kids are doing wonderfully. Both yesterday and today they have gone to recess in the living room. They are starting to recognize this play time and start wagging their tails as soon as I put them into the play area. They interact with the toys, pull and play with the blanket, climb up and down the slide...both forward and backwards (didn't take them long to master that). They play for 20-30 minutes then they start falling asleep. That gives me enough time to clean their puppy area without any 'help' of interference from them. They are GREAT little helpers. Trying to climb on me, biting at my feet, clothes, and with their size, once I'm in their area, we pretty much fill it up! haha! They are due for another deworming which will start tomorrow. All this information will be written down in their individual health records. My Vet is stopping by tomorrow to pick up a combined stool sample to run a fecal. We will also run another one on Monday July 22, when they have their puppy checkup and before they go home. I like taking a proactive approach in raising the puppies. If there is something present, I want to start treating it as soon as possible. Once the puppies go home, more deworming and fecals may be recommended by your Vet. I would definitely recommend doing the fecals periodically. They are puppies. Worms, giardia or coccidia can be passed to them while in utero. It's a normal part of having a puppy, and treating is all part of helping them have the best start in life possible. Note: I deworm my mommas for 7 days before they are bred to help alleviate transferring to the puppies, but sometimes it still happens. Let me say this again... this is a very good litter, they really are. They play in and amongst themselves, love people, and also like their quiet time while being held. I can't believe they will be 6 weeks old this Wednesday!!! Soon you'll be able to welcome them into your home and families. Thank you again for your patience in my getting your update to you. It's a very blessed and busy household over here at Oak Knoll Doodles. Hugs...

Day 41 - Monday - 7/8/24

Hello Puppy Families! Puppies are doing great. They are amazing with the potty trays. I am so proud of them! They are now eating 3 times a day and cleaning their plate. Thank you to all the puppy families who have ordered their food and are getting their homes set up for their new puppy. Having the right equipment makes the process so much easier and safer for your baby. The puppies are routinely going to recess. Before I put them back into their puppy pen, myself and Maria (my friend down the street who helps with the puppies) would hold the puppies, individually, and step outside the door. Letting them notice a new environment, smell the air and see the sunshine. Some were very curious, some were a little was the case when I introduced them to their play area in the living room. You can see why all these experiences are so important to their development. As many of you know, Shiloh had her puppies on the 6th. I am sleeping in there with them now and checking on them and adjusting their whereabouts in the whelping box a few times a night. Rest assured, your puppies have the same curriculum as all my other litters and will continue to expose them to new sounds, people, outdoors, movies, vacuums, blow dryers, and lots of other stimuli. Hope you all had a great Monday. Sleep tomorrow.

Day 42 - Tuesday - 7/9/24

Hello Puppy Families. Your puppies are doing fabulously! They had recess this morning. Happily playing with all their toys and on and off the slide. While they were at recess, Maria and I took the puppies outside for a walk about. It is a good way to expose them to the outdoors, new smells & sounds (the trash truck was going by when a couple puppies were outside), varying temperatures, etc. I took videos of each puppy while outside. Unfortunately, the camera was on speed it up mode, (or whatever you call it) and then it was on Slo-mo for some of the videos. I will get some better videos tomorrow and send your way. Luckily, the video of The Professor and Mary turned out and I've posted them on IG. They will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. They will be weighed, and will receive their first parvo vaccine. 'Neopar' This will be noted on your Health Record. They will get another 5 Way vaccine at 8 weeks, right before they go home. They will need another vaccine at 12 and 16 weeks old. Keeping our puppies healthy is our top priority. The puppies fecal came back negative. I will have them tested one more time before they go home. Proactively, I will still do a couple more worming treatments. They've been watching Tom and Jerry Cartoons and a louder than normal volume. Doesn't faze them in the least! Time for me to let the adult dogs out to potty one last time then get a little relaxation in of my own. Hope you had a good day, got something accomplished, and feel loved. Your puppy is loving you in spirit until you can love on them personally. Good Night...

Day 43 - Wednesday - 7/10/24

Hello Puppy Families. The puppies are eating 3 times a day. 6:30am, 1:00pm, and 8:00pm. Today is the first day that their food is not being blended. I soak it in water til it's completely soft, warm for a minute, then feed. By mid week, we will be soaking less time, so their food will be a little crunchy. The kibble is the size of an eraser. So easy for puppies to eat. The kids had their first shot today...It's called Neopar. It is for Parvo, and a modified live virus. It starts giving them protection before they get their shot at 8 weeks. They are all doing famously! Watched Bounty Hunter today...and more Tom and Jerry. They are super fluffy and getting cuter by the minute. Hope you all had a beautiful day! Sleep well...

Their weights at exactly 6 weeks:

Gilligan - 7.6 lbs

Skipper - 7.6 lbs

The Professor - 7.4 lbs

Thurston - 6.9 lbs

Ginger - 6.8 lbs

Mary - 6.0 lbs

Ann - 6.1 lbs

Mrs. Howell - 6.2 lbs

Day 44 - Thursday - 7/11/24

Hello Puppy Families. I took the puppies weights yesterday, at exactly 6 weeks old. I just went back and posted it in yesterdays post. They are growing like little champs!

10:00pm Hello again. The puppies had an extra special day. They got to go to recess, TWICE! They went to recess in the morning while Maria and I were cleaning up after them. Then again when Mrs. Howell's family came to visit. I thought it would be fun for them to see their puppy interacting with the other puppies. They were very playful today. They also went on a walk about again this morning. Gilligan was wagging his tail, and Ginger was leaning in to sniff the plants that we were holding her up to. It's really fun watching them mature. If something startles them or they are unsure, it only takes 2-3 days of repeated exposure, and they are more comfortable and actually enjoy it. Thurston and Ann were full of it today. They played, ran around, barked at me for attention and interacted with the other puppies! Ann loves being the queen of the hill on top the slide. The other puppies played with the toys, tugged and pulled on the blanket that in their play area and wrestled with each other. A good day all and all. Time for me to get a little sleep. Hope you all had a productive day and get a good nights rest. Good Night...

Day 45 - Friday - 7/12/24

Good Evening Puppy Families! Your babies are doing great! Eating 3 times a day, and hungry when I bring their food in! They woke at 5am, starving. Thank goodness I'm moistening their food, right after I feed them the time before, so it's ready when they need to be fed. They are becoming more and more social. Even the two that were on the quieter side, wag their tails often and come to the gate when I open it. They had another great day at recess! I think I need to get a few new toys for more stimulation. I may put a soda bottle filled with beans in with them tomorrow and see their reaction. Their movie was Bridgerton and they listened to fireworks again. The TV is actually pretty loud when I'm playing their movie for them. Just to help them adjust and know that some households are quiet and some are more active. Time to turn in. I hope you had a good week, felt productive and have something fun planned this weekend. Night...

Day 46 - Saturday - 7/13/24

Hello Puppy Families. The kids are coming along nicely! Today for recess, I opened the gate to their area and encouraged them to follow me into the living room. It took them a minute to figure out what I wanted them to do, and then a couple followed me to the living room, then a couple more came out and then I went back into the bedroom to let the last few follow me out. They LOVE their play time! Tomorrow morning, I am going to set up their recess area on the back patio, in the safe area. They will get new toys and exposure to outdoors. I'll take a few videos and post on IG. The puppies movie was Reba on Netflix. I like the family conversations, trying to create the sounds of a busy household. I had a friend of mine and her husband over to see Shiloh's litter. They wanted to see what the Tri Merle girls were going to look like. I brought out Mrs. Howell to show them, and let them see what blue verses brown eyes look like in a merle puppy, since Mrs. Howell has one of each. Was a fun visit! Hope you all had a wonderful day and sleep well tonight. Night...

Day 47 - Sunday - 7/14/24

Hello Puppy Families. The kiddos are doing great! They had recess on the back patio. Some, (always Ginger and Ann) ran out of the gate to follow me to the patio. Ginger and Ann figured out how to sneak past me when the gate to their area is open. They are quick! Anyway, they had the same toys, but the ground was cement instead of their blanket. They explored the area, and about half actually started playing. Tomorrow it will be more familiar and by Tuesday, they will understand this is their new recess area. I also let them run to the area, instead of picking them up and carrying them. Their movie was The Grey Man on Netflix. I was catching glimpses of it, and am going to get myself ready for bed early, so I can watch it later. I have the volume up fairly loud and there is some drama and violence. The sounds are great for desensitizing them. I don't even know if they pay attention to their movies, as in watching it, but the sounds, background noises, raised voices, singing, etc., is great exposure! Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday and are looking forward to your week. I keep telling myself, 'I get to' instead of 'I have to'. I've seen this in a couple posts lately and it really resonated with me. Hugs to you all...Sleep well...

Day 48 - Monday - 7/15/24

Hello Puppy Families! Hope you all had a good Monday! They puppies are doing great! h

They had an early recess on the patio again. They are eating really well, poos are firm. Shall I knock on wood now!? :) I was looking at my books and I can't believe these cuties start going home next Tuesday!!! Wow...that went by FAST! The puppies are going through the weening process. Lexi got in to nurse them 2 times today. If we can...I will have her nurse them first thing in the morning for a couple more days, then she will finished. She wants to still nurse them, but while she's in there, she's scolding them every once in a while, when their teeth scratch her. She actually has a few scratches on her ninny babas. Today late afternoon, I tried feeding them a little of their kibble completely dry. They ate it fine. Sooooo..their lunch will be dry kibble. I have had a couple families ask what I recommend re future vaccines for your babies. I was chatting with my Vet and she shared her perspective on various vaccines and how important it is to take into consideration where you live and what types of issues the Vets are seeing in your area. Southern California is very different from the South, Pacific North,West, East Coast, etc. So, first and foremost, find a Vet you like and trust. Discuss with them the issues they typically see in your area. The benefits and risks regarding certain vaccines, heartworm meds and/or Flea and Tick meds. Might I suggest you do your own research as well! Then make an informed decision. I can tell you what I recommend for Southern CA. Neopar at 6 weeks old. 5 way vaccine at 8 weeks old. Boosters to include Lepto at 12 and 16 weeks old. Your dog is considered 'Fully Vaccinated 2 weeks after it's last booster, + Rabies. Some dogs, depending where they go, may need Bordatella as well. Rabies after they are 4 months old...not to be given within 3 weeks of any other vaccine. If you have an issue with fleas or ticks, ask your Vet what they recommend. If your puppy isn't exposed to any other dogs or cats that go in and out of the house, it's unlikely that they will have a problem with fleas and ticks before they are 18 weeks old, and can put on the ground and venture out into the real world. But every case is different. Let's say you live where there is wildlife that comes into your yard. They can bring fleas and/or ticks to your dog. There are so many scenarios, that I can't address them all. If you have any questions with what your Vet is recommending, feel free to call me and I can give you my opinion, but remember, I am not the expert in this field, even though I have a definite opinion. Time for me to turn in. Sleep well Puppy Families. Chat again tomorrow.

Day 49 - Tuesday - 7/16/24

Hello Puppy Families! The Kids are doing great! They went to recess on the back patio for about an hour this morning. They were content to play until they saw either Lexi or me. Then they thought one of us should be feeding them HAHA Today Lexi only nursed the puppies once in the morning. She wants to feed them, but after about 5 minutes, she wants out. Their teeth are pretty sharp. The puppies had all 3 meals with dry kibble. They are doing great eating, and they love the food. This food, PawTree is a dense food. You don't feed the same amount as other foods, or they will be over fed and get tummy upset. I will tell you the amount I am feeding and we will divide by 8 to figure out the amount per feeding. Part is going to be based on how they feel. They should feel solid, meat on their bones, but not rolly polly. I'm guessing it will be 1/4-1/3 cup per feeding to start with. Increasing as they get older. Seriously, the food is pricey, but it lasts longer than other brands, is dense, creates stools that don't smell as much and are firm. We had a puppy family, Mrs Howells mom come and visit today. We bathed her puppy, blew her dry and cut her toe nails. My recommendation is to bathe and trim nails on your puppy once every 2-3 weeks. Making sure to use the Epiotic Ear Wash after each bath which will ensure that the ears are dry and don't get infected. I can't believe the puppies will be 7 weeks old tomorrow! One more week and they are ready to go. Thank you to all the families who have diligently gotten the puppies new area ready and await the big day. I am one tired puppy...and need some rest. Hope you all had a wonderful day and sleep well. Good night...

Day 50 - Wednesday - 7/17/24

Hello Puppy Families. The kids had another great day! They went to recess on the back patio again. It sprinkled for a few minutes, so they got to experience that for the first time. They played until they were plum tuckered out, and falling asleep on the cement. They are getting big. On dry food and they nursed for the last time this morning. They were down to once a it's big girl and boy nourishment from here on out. They were weighed and had their 7 week portraits taken. I've text them individually to you, the families on the wait list, and will be posting on IG.

Gilligan - 8.1 lbs

Skipper - 9.2 lbs

Professor - 8.0 lbs

Thurston - 7.8 lbs

Ginger - 7.8 lbs

Mary - 7.0 lbs

Ann - 7.4 lbs

Mrs Howell - 7.6 lbs

They are maturing beautifully! And such sweet personalities. Since I let them run out on their own to recess, they are experts and getting out of the gate. Ginger is the first and then Ann. HAHA I've had them watching, or playing movies twice a day in their area. I sometimes don't mention it, because I've forgotten the name of the movie. They watched Extraction 2 today and Trolls, which is a cartoon. Hope you all had a beautiful day and a good evening. Will chat again tomorrow.

Day 51 - Thursday - 7/18/24

Hello Puppy Families. Hope you all had a great day knowing your puppies are amazing. They actually went to recess twice today. They are loving the back patio and their toys, so I let them go to recess when I was cleaning their potty trays again this afternoon. They literally play for 30 minutes to an hour. They are eating well w great appetites, poos are little tootsie rolls, just like we like to see, and they are sleeping til 5-5:15am. Poor Momma Lexi came to get me and wanted me to walk with her to the bedroom door, where I have a gate up, so the door is open, but she cannot get to the puppies. She wanted desperately to go nurse them. Mother Nature tells the momma when it's time to feed her babies. That always amazes me. Within a couple days, her milk will start drying us and she will start feeling better. The puppies watched Viking. They are watching more action packed programs, with loud, sudden noises as part of their desensitization. I'm going to make this short and sweet. I hurt my wrist today and don't to over do it. Sleep well...Night

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